Benefits Of Webinars In The Era Of Online Education

Just as attending classes via online teaching sites has gradually become a usual norm in the current era, the term ‘webinars’ has also become closely associated with the global community of educators and students. Thanks to the development of the IT infrastructure and its ground-breaking innovations, communication means have now been improved to a great extent. While live classes contribute towards the reception of high-quality education by the students, webinars come with certain extra benefits that have made the teaching and learning process way too easier.

In this blog, we will share with you the diverse benefits that webinars offer to both students and teachers alike and also shed substantial light on how this has emerged as one of the most cost-friendly means to spread knowledge among pupils.

What Is A Webinar?

As you can already comprehend from the term ‘webinar,’ it is a combination of two words- ‘web’ and ‘seminar.’ Webinars are characterised by the presence of one or more chief speaker(s). They make use of rich multimedia sources and insightful presentations to make the lectures interesting for the students.

Webinars can either be conducted in real-time or recorded form. In the case of live webinars, students can get their queries solved by asking the teachers about the same in that session itself. This feature of live interaction between the students and the speaker of the webinar won’t be possible if it is a recorded session. In-depth discussions can be conducted on any subject and chapter via webinars.

Since most of the time live webinars are conducted, students won’t face any kind of communication problem with their mentors. With just a proper device and a stable internet connection, webinars can be easily organized.

Benefits Of Webinars

#1: Webinars Offer The Students A Great Deal Of Flexibility

The students don’t need to miss watching the entire webinar in case they are unable to join the live sessions. This is because the organisers keep the option of recorded webinars open. As a result, any student who fails to watch the live session can watch the recorded video later. A link to the recorded version of the webinar is emailed to them. As a result, they can watch it at their convenience, whenever they are free. Needless to say, the advantage of logging into the webinar from anywhere always exists.

#2: Webinars Are Cost-Friendly

Webinars help save monetary resources to a great extent. Neither the students have to step out of their homes and pay regular transportation costs nor does the educational institution has to make proper arrangements in the classroom or hall and spend on maintenance of the rooms. Just by using the online teaching apps or other related platforms, the institutions can get the sessions conducted cost-effectively.

#3: Webinars Offer The Students A Chance To Expand Their Networks

Educational institutions allow a larger group of audience to join the webinars. Students of various standards, pupils who have passed out or graduated, and even teachers of other institutions can attend the webinars. As a result, students come in contact with a wide audience and may even connect with them to build a valuable network.

By helping the attendees connect with like-minded people, webinars make the young minds open to new ideas and gain new perceptions of various important things that will help them formulate various crucial decisions in their lives in unimaginable ways.

#4: Webinars Help The Speakers/Educators Get Access To A Wider Reach Of Audience

Since webinars offer the facility to admit a large number of students, say, hundreds of thousands, the educators can now address a huge number of participants at the same time. The wider reach offered by the webinars helps the institutions spread knowledge on a common topic to a wide group of students at the same time, thereby saving time and resources of the speakers/educators altogether.

Final Words

Webinars have now become an integral part of the online education system. Students can now even complete their dream courses by attending the webinars designed for them. Thanks to its flexibility and innumerable benefits, the webinar has emerged to be a part and parcel of the present-day education system. Several other educational institutions will likely contemplate conducting vital sessions via webinars in the coming days.