Best Hindi Patriotic Songs That Will Make You Love Your Country More

Songs are something that will always help you to feel relax and happy. But patriotic songs will encourage you to do something good for your country and make you feel your responsibility to your lovely motherland. Songs can always make you feel things, and patriotic songs are essential for people to learn about the history and be proud of his country. There is some best Hindi parotic song that can easily swing your mood and make you relax. Patriotic songs in Hindi lyrics are the best combination ever. Patriotism is a sentiment of love that can break or build anything. Hindi patriotic songs will take your mind to the next level. Today, I will tell you about some of the best patriotic Hindi songs that you will love.

  • Yeh Jo Des HaiTera

This song is from the movie named “Swades: We, the people.” This film’s music is by the talented A.R. Rahman. It is a song that can make you love your country even more than ever before. The duration of this song is about 6.28 minutes, but you will never feel bored for even a second. “Yehjo des haiteraa, swadeshaiteraa, Tujhehaipukara”- here in these lyrics, you can feel the country is calling you for help. She is calling you to love her with your life, in another line in these songs were A. R. Rahman describes the beautiful smell of your country by telling, “Mittikihaijo Khushbo, tu kaise bhulayega.”

You could not forget the smell of your country’s soil ever because it is something you are born with from the beginning. I can only recommend you guys to listen to this song. If you do, you will feel more love for your country than ever before.

  • Ma Tujhe Salaam

It is composed of our love and proud of your country’s legend A. R. Rahman. This song was released in 1997. So it has already passed almost two decades, and it will give a lot more because this song has something in its core that you can not get used to by any means. It will bring you back to this song again and again.

There is a beautiful line “Abtakbhiterejaisa koi nehin”- here you will feel how much the country means to you because there is no one like your motherland.  There can be more beautiful palaces, but there are no other more loved places than in your country.

  • Sandese Ate Hain

It is a beautiful song from a movie named Border. This song is extraordinary compared to any other patriotic song because, in this song, there is both love of the country and the family. It is a song that can build a lot of courage in our soul. It is a song that has a patriotic touch and will touch your romantic feelings for your friends and family. It could be a perfect song for all our country’s soldiers.

This song was released back in 1997. But it is a golden song that will never get old. It has won a Filmfare nomination for the best male playback singer and also wins many awards for the lyrics. You can not imagine the beauty of this song’s lyrics without listening to it. “ Mahabbat Walon NE Hamare Yaaron Ne, Humein YE Likkha Hai Ke Humse Poocha Hai” is a great patriotic song that will increase your love for the country and make you a patriot of your nation.

Those three songs will never get old because of their lyrics and their expressions of love for the country. So you all must listen to those songs if you haven’t already.