Best Running Shorts for Men

This year a primary goal of mine was to focus on my physical fitness and mental wellness. My thought process was to look good and feel good, and those positive patterns would transition to other aspects of day-to-day life. In order to progress with this goal, I had to research the right attire to help me accomplish this. I started the process by trying to find the best running shorts for men.

Best Running Shorts for Men

It is essential to have proper attire when trying to reach any fitness goal. Look at your clothes as the tools in a tool belt. If you were a carpenter, would you show up to work without your hammer? The importance of this article of clothing is vital to the achievement of the overall goal and should not be taken lightly. Running shorts will make a world of difference when it comes to your workouts, and I wanted to find out what elements are needed for the best running shorts. 

Four-way stretch

Right in the beginning, I knew I wanted a four-way stretch fabric. Four-way stretch allows the structure of the short to stretch not only lengthwise but also width wise. This ability is essential as it enables the shorts to be versatile and multi-faceted. The goal would be to find a running short that was so comfortable I never wanted to take them off, and four-way stretch promotes that feeling. To have the ability to move in all types of ways without feeling constricted is a critical element of the perfect running short. 


Some of the most significant issues I have had with my running shorts is dealing with sweat. With so much readily available technology built into our clothing, this is one element that should not be passed up. This type of tech pulls the sweat from the inside of the shorts to the outside. The process allows for the individual to feel more relaxed while having the perspiration evaporate at faster levels. Without this ability, the sweat would stay trapped underneath the shorts making it feel sluggish and oversaturated. For the ability to exceed your workout goals, this element is vital to something you should be looking for in the best type of running short. 

Anti-Microbial technology 

This type of technology potentially kills harmful microorganisms and, at a minimum, stops their growth. An aspect of physical fitness is to practice positive hygiene, and having this element built into your shorts is crucial. As you workout, you push the toxins out of your body, and the last thing that anyone wants is for your clothes to absorb these elements, potentially harming you. An added benefit is odor control. This technology kills those types of processes that cause nasty orders onto the fabric, which is something that sells me. When looking for variables to make that perfect short equation, one can not leave out the anti-microbial aspect for the perfect running short. 

Style for days 

Something that should not be sacrificed to achieve all the technology and safety elements is style. Some time and research will show you that the perfect running short has all these elements. It is essential to like the look of the clothing, along with all the other benefits. More than likely, you will be spending a great deal of time in these shorts, so it is worth the extra effort to check all the boxes. My preference, I like a short around the seven-inch mark a little above the knee for flexibility and look. Usually, a neutral color, but don’t be fooled. I have a couple of pairs with some color pop if I feel like expressing myself that day. The beauty of this is it is really up to the individual on what sparks their creative preferences, but the point is don’t let all the other elements that make the shorts significant lead you away from having a great look. 

The choices can be overwhelming, and maybe before this reading, one would not invest a lot of time researching what the best running short is for them. Men need to hit some critical elements in the search no matter what the outcome. If the focus is hygiene and physical fitness, I can not stress enough the inclusion of the moisture-wicking and microbial technologies built into the fabric. If you sacrifice everything else at a minimum, make sure these aspects are included as they are game-changing additions to any attire. Think about the amount of time you will be spending in these shorts and what you really want to get out of them. The activities you will be performing in them are more than likely intense workouts, running, or all-around physical activities demanding the most out of these articles of clothing. You will not be disappointed in the time spent to find the perfect running short for your life.