Best Serums to Reduce Inflammation

Our skin takes a beating, even under the best of environmental circumstances.  Exposure to sun, smog, weather, second-hand smoke and vapes, and our own not-so-consistent skin care routines can wreak havoc on our delicate skin, leaving it dull, dehydrated, and damaged.  If you can relate to any of these conditions, you’re in desperate need of some serious skin 911. 

One of the most effective ways to hit your skin hard with healing ingredients is to use a skin serum.  Serums are applied after you moisturize and are heavy hitters in the world of skin care and repair.  Super-dosed with ingredients to benefit your skin at a cellular level, serums are considered miracle products in the beauty industry for their ability to penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin and deliver nourishing ingredients where they are needed the most. 

One of the best reasons to consider using a serum is to reduce inflammation.  Inflammation, in short, is what happens when our skin is exposed to environmental irritants and our own hormonal imbalances and lapses in proper skin care.  Inflammation is simply your body responding to things that harm it.  It’s your body’s defense mechanism against toxins, infections, and injury. 

Not sure if your skin qualifies as “inflamed?”  Here are a few symptoms you might experience if you have skin inflammation. 

·         Patches of skin appear scaly or flaky

·         Skin may burn, itch, or tingle

·         Areas of skin are red and irritated

·         Rash-like lesions on the face and neck can appear

If any of the above symptoms have you convinced you’re experiencing inflammation, you should know there are some amazing serums specifically designed to eliminate inflammation and soothe angry skin. 

CBD Serum

One of the best serums to invest in if you have inflamed skin is a CBD oil serum.  CBD serum contains cannabidiol, which is one of over one hundred cannabinoids that can be extracted from the hemp plant.  Cannabidiol is packed full of antioxidants which go to work immediately to help calm and soothe red, inflamed skin.  CBD serum may even be helpful in calming acne-prone skin by reducing inflammation in comedones that have already formed and balancing oil production so that new bumps do not appear. 

CBD is also an excellent hydrator, delivering moisture to the deepest level of your skin to help it stay hydrated longer.  Because CBD is an oil, it’s also great at helping your skin balance out in areas where it may be overproducing oil.  As such, CBD serum is an effective product for dry, oily, and combination skin, and is generally well tolerated. 

The Importance of Full Spectrum CBD Serum

While CBD serum is a great weapon against inflamed and irritated skin, not all CBD serums are created equally.  CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and added to products in three ways.  Here are the three ways you will find CBD in your skin care products.

·         CBD isolate.  This refers to CBD that has been extracted from the plant by itself, with no other nutrients, fibers, cannabinoids, terpenes, or other plant parts.  This is the least expensive CBD oil you will find in a CBD skin care product.

·         Broad Spectrum CBD.  When a skin serum says it contains broad spectrum CBD oil, it means it contains CBD oil that has been extracted with all other beneficial plant parts except THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid that is present only in very small quantities in the species of plant from which CBD is normally extracted.

·         Full Spectrum CBD.  The highest quality skin serums will always contain full spectrum CBD.  Full spectrum CBD refers to CBD oil extracted with all other usable plant parts to produce what is referred to as the “entourage effect.”  The entourage effect refers to all of the parts of the hemp plant working together synergistically to bring your skin the maximum benefit. 

Other Crucial Skin Serum Components

CBD serum is one of the best at treating inflammation, but you can also find other inflammation fighting ingredients in skin serums that can deliver a one-two punch when working congruently with CBD.  Here are some of our favorite inflammation fighting skin serum ingredients.

·         Milk thistle.  This all-natural plant extract helps protect your skin by increasing its resistance to environmental stressors and helping hydrate it properly.

·         Rose extract.  An excellent moisturizer, rose extract has astringent-like properties that help it reduce inflammation and soothe irritation. 

·         Tamanu oil.  This plant based extract is full of antioxidants that smooth the skin and help calm and even out patches of irritation. 

Skin serums are a great way to get your skin care routine back on track and treat inflamed, unhappy skin quickly and effectively.  CBD serum is a great tool to help heal, hydrate, and reduce redness, irritation, and discomfort associated with inflamed skin.  Using a CBD serum after you moisturize ensures that the ingredients in the serum are able to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin to deliver the healing properties of CBD directly where your skin needs it most.