Bodybuilding And Erectile Dysfunction Related?

It has always gossiped about that bodybuilder that is under the dose of testosterone booster or any other supplements supper from erectile dysfunction.  It is often seen that ED is caused in men’s is the cause because of anxiety, depression, and tiredness. Other than even performance anxiety can also contribute to difficulty in getting an erection. Studies say that it is caused by men with issues related to obesity or physical inactivity.

body building

But on the other hand, bodybuilders are majorly fit, healthy and have a balanced life unless they have any physical or psychological issue that is causing an issue.

This topic has always been debatable whether bodybuilding causes erectile dysfunction. ED can only occur if they are under some medication, boosters or supplements and it can even occur if the limits for it are not set properly or not taken in proper guidance. injured at a gym in New Jersey.

However, just like any other medicine even these supplements must be taken in a prescribed manner following a proper cycle. Even the usage of products approved by the FDA is can be consumed which are much safe for consumption. 

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There are even ED medications available that can help to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. Medicines like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis also work in the same mechanisms. These medicines basically increase the blood flow by enhancing the effect of nitric oxide released. The chemicals relapsed into the tissues can help to trifler good results. These pills with the right amount of dosage are also used by bodybuilders as it causes an increase of oxygen and other nutrients and helps for getting better results.  They are even being linked to causing a reduction in inflammation which works as healing of muscle torn during exercise. 


This summarizes that even when you are fit and healthy we have to maintain a strict and disciplined life to avoid problems like erectile dysfunction. Following a proper diet, using the right supplements. The fact is that bodybuilders are less prone to ED as they are already aware of the side effect these supplements or steroids may cause so they are already under a strict regime. Now when we are aware that the gossip or the myth is practically right so there is an awareness that needs to be created for topics like these. The key is that we should be aware of potential causes and find a proper solution to deal with it is what needs to be the focus. 

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