Botox 100U: Purpose, Procedure, Results

Botulinum toxin type A injections are among the most popular options for effective skin aging prevention in the beauty sphere. That’s not strange because the aging process starts as soon as a person reaches adulthood, and it cannot be stopped. However, it is possible to pause it with the help of the previously mentioned Botox 100U.

Some people are not aware, but every Botox injection can also be used for several medical purposes, like cervical dystonia treatment or excessive sweating elimination. But that’s already too much for the opening, don’t you think? Let’s learn more about these amazing products together by reading this article!

Why do people buy Botox 100U?

Botulinum toxins injections are the best option to prevent skin aging in people; that’s why millions of specialists out there buy Botox 100U both online and offline for their clinics and will never run out of work. The solution itself is created from a neurotoxin that comes from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. And even though in large quantities it can be dangerous to an individual, in small portions and with proper processing, it worse perfectly for medical and aesthetic purposes.

Botox is the generic name known among beauty experts, but it is important to be aware that every botulinum toxin product has its own purpose, and the right type can only be defined by a professional after a detailed consultation with the doctor.

Botox injections purposes

As it was already mentioned a few times, patients treated with Botox cosmetic procedures may expect mimic wrinkles elimination and noticeable skin improvement after the session. The product stops muscle spasms in the target zone and kind of numbs nerve endings; in this way, expression wrinkles don’t occur in a patient.

Botulinum toxin products are perfectly suitable for the following purposes:

  • Severe forehead lines, crow’s feet, lines between the eyebrows, and other aging signs;
  • Fine lines in the perioral area;
  • Eyelid twitching;
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating);
  • Upper limb spasticity treatment;
  • Cervical dystonia (neurological disorder that causes pain in the neck and head area);
  • Severe migraines prevention;
  • And so on.

As you can see, the number of options is pretty impressive. However, before treating medical conditions or aesthetic problems, it is important to discuss the issues with a doctor to make sure this option will help reach desired results effectively.

Limitations to the procedure

Even though Botox can treat medical conditions of different kinds, some patients still cannot use it for their goals. Contraindications should be discussed with a doctor during the consultation:

  • Allergic reaction or individual hypersensitivity to botulinum or cow’s milk protein;
  • Severe nerve disorders or acute conditions;
  • Current skin infection, inflammation, or damage;
  • Pregnancy or lactation period in women.

Of course, there are many alternatives in the aesthetic medicine sphere, so another product can be used for one’s effective skin rejuvenation. Overall, the most important thing is the customer’s health condition.

Note: If you experience difficulty breathing or speaking, severe allergic reactions, pain in the treated zone, or other dangerous conditions after the treatment, get in touch with the specialist as soon as possible. 

Botox treatment working principle

Botulinum toxin-based products are meant for stopping our muscles from contractions. Why? The injected muscle cannot move; as follows, dynamic wrinkles that typically appear the first in a person cannot occur on the skin. The product stops nerves from contracting and releasing acetylcholine, which causes such authentic problems as severe frown lines, mimic wrinkles around the eyes, and so on. In this way, people may expect improvement for up to 6 months.

The final word

Professionals buy Botox 100U because of its amazing abilities and high-quality results when it comes to skin rejuvenation. It provides long-lasting results, a noticeable boost in one’s appearance, and minimal side effects afterward. Moreover, the injection session is pretty affordable for individuals with different budgets, so anyone can consider it as their perfect option. That’s it for today. Thank you for reading our article!