Can Anyone Get Invisible Braces?

Straight, well-aligned teeth are everyone’s dream. But, for most people that means undergoing orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment simply means getting your teeth aligned by a dentist who specializes in treating crooked teeth using braces. But, did you just cringe at the thought of getting your teeth straightened with braces? Those tiny metal or tooth-coloured pieces that are stuck on your teeth? Well, don’t worry! If you wish to get your teeth aligned but not undergo treatment using conventional braces, you can opt for invisible braces. Some commonly available brands include 32 Watts clear aligners. 

Invisible braces, as many of you might have looked up on the internet, are transparent trays that are worn in a sequence as instructed by your orthodontist for a stipulated amount of time to ensure your teeth move into the right place. But, most people wonder “Can I get invisible braces?” If you are one of them, you are in the right place! 

While a vast majority of people are candidates for traditional metal or ceramic braces, the same cannot be said about invisible braces. This is because one of the primary things one needs to remember is that invisible braces are trays that need to fit around your teeth tightly in order to move your teeth into alignment. So, in the case of children, who are constantly growing, so are their jaws. They also have some erupting teeth and some shedding teeth. So, these cases are strictly treated using traditional braces and they aren’t candidates for invisible braces.
Invisible braces are used when your orthodontist thinks your case is mild to moderate in terms of complexity. If your dentition shows severe overbite, over jet, deep bite, or severe crowding or spacing, you may not be a case for invisible braces. So, invisible braces such as 32 Watts are best suited for older teenagers and adults who have stopped growing, have minor misalignment problems and most importantly– if your orthodontist thinks you are a candidate! If you are an ideal candidate for invisible braces, your orthodontist will definitely suggest this option of treatment for you. Have your queries? Ask your orthodontist or write to us today and connect with our orthodontists today!