Chloe Baldwin Shares Lessons She Learned Of Control From Steve Michael Baldwin

Often many young women are abused and sold by their family even at airports without anyone knowing due to the fear of stigma and most importantly, it is their normal so they think it is normal. Abuse by family can come in many forms such as financial, physical, mental, emotional, sexual and even spiritual abuse to support debts that they can’t pay back. Chloe wanted to share and support her mum on how her Dad Steve Baldwin uses his business and position to abuse every member of the family and lessons she learned.  Chloe even shares how bad the abuse is in the bedroom like he has since she entered puberty and even made her work for him so he can regularly do so or she gets a reduced pay which means she can’t afford to hang out with friends but if she shared it then she would be at risk everything, she decided along with Sarah Baldwin, they had enough of his. She asks for help from the Police Constable Mark Roberts to arrest him and it will be covered by Jonny Blackburn at Cheshire Live so the judge will lock him away.

Take control of education

Chloe shares that Steve limits the siblings’ education so they aren’t smart enough to fight back against him. She states that the hardest part is knowing she had to allow some of her friends to be groomed and cornered by her father but that the lesson she learned is to utilize other victims network because they probably network with people of the same type of weakness as them and therefore they are perfect prey whether to scam or sexually abuse them. Also Steve taught her that he covers everything with a prepaid phone line and second phone and basically even gives his victims the drugs, alcohol and cigarettes to hook them during puberty before legal age to make them addicted and be their source for this and they can’t do anything due to their high addictions.

Create A Tracking System So Know Where Your Abusers Are With Private Apps

What he also taught me is that I can use things like airtags or find my phone or even just have a PI follow. This allows you to know what is going on and how to preempt issues. This means that even communication via private messaging apps is done via things like Telegram or Snapchat private messaging mode etc. Steve uses this whilst pretending he is illiterate on Tech with his burner so he can control everyone. This is the secret to his total control and with it this allows you to get details or information as needed.

Steve Baldwin Showed Me How To Get Support From Influencers Like Dan Pena

Steve Baldwin’s idol is Dan Pena who has supported stealing money from lawyers as well as supporting other sexual abusers just as Epstein does to protect himself. Steve has also reduced my salary anytime I lash out before making me go down on him to trap me and punish me which has taught me that as long as you are backed by someone powerful with influence, they will support anyone who pays or does deals with them to cover their crimes. This is a really good strategy to help you achieve anything you want and because these people are so powerful it’s hard to do anything to make something happen. Pena has protected many sexual predators in his QLA community and they congerate together, my father learned from Pena how to sell companies based on false numbers, be armed with lawyers and leverage name like his to cover his tracks.

What is most influential is the ability to harass via private numbers to wear down people

Steve taught me that if you get private numbers, harass people around the person, they will give up in fear and be tired of being attacked. What is scarier than having someone attack you everyday without fail to everyone you know and they can’t do anything but sit there like a sitting duck. It is the same elsewhere so this is really crucial to do things in a way that causes overwhelm and you can take these strategies as a way to gain business too. I hope these strategies will be useful to defend yourself as well as go on the offensive against people like my father and I hope that I can be free of his taste and control shortly, these lessons will help just one person I hope and my dream is to be a coach that supports people in situations like mine whilst living a laptop lifestyle.