Choosing an ideal PickleballPaddle: What you need to know

The pickleball is sweet to play. The game can be played by all ages, i.e., school-aged kids, retirees, and gender, which make it more beautiful and enjoyable in a sports game. The game is both less strenuous and compact during the play because of the small court of the pickleball.

Unfortunately, choosing an ideal paddle in the market today is not always a walk in the park. It is possible for one to be confused by the different sizes, weights, colors, and constructions of paddles that are available in the market. With the right consideration, however, it is possible to make the process a cup of coffee. Here are some of the aspects that you need to have to help you get the idelpickleball paddles.

Now, how do you purchase a pickleballpaddles? What are the factors to consider? Check this out.

  1. Weight

The weight of your pickleballpaddle determines how easy or difficult it will be to handle it Depending on what you can handle, choose the right weight for you. For instance, a heavy paddle may give you problems using it.

If you are a young person, choose a lightweight or medium weight paddle for convenience. Also, a             heavy ball may be difficult to use. You may spend a lot of energy hitting it to the target distance. Simply    go for the weight you’re totally comfortable with

  • Paddle grip size

 Have you ever put on a wrong-sized shoe? You definitely know how it feels. You can never be comfortable for a moment. This is similar to a paddle handle size. A thin handle will make it difficult for you to hold it. You may feel as if you’re holding a toy.

On the other hand, a thick handle will make playing pickleball hell for you. You don’t want to buy what your hand can’t comfortably grip. Make sure you choose the right size of handle.

  • Paddle shape and size

 A wide paddle will give you a wider playing surface. This highly determines how effective you will be in the game. Else ways, a narrower pickleball paddle will give you a lot of misses. You don’t want this Depending on the size of your pickleball court and your preference, you can either choose a wide paddle or an elongated one.

The shape also matters. You can choose a shape you prefer most.

  • Price

This is a very important factor to consider. Budget is everything. You may really like a certain pickleballrackets, but if you don’t have enough money, you can’t buy it.  Remember, price doesn’t always correspond to quality. You can get a very perfect set at a throw-away price. Work within your budget. You can also compare prices at different places so that you can save a few dollars. If you find a discounted one, grab it.

  • Grip Size

When picking a pickleballrackets, the grip size of your hand is an important consideration that you need to make. One is likely to lose your grip if you purchase a kind of paddle whose grip is too short or too long for your hand. This will also affect how comfortable you will be when in the game. Generally, rackets with longer grips will be more stable than the handles with shorter grips. At the same time, one of the likely to achieve spins on rackets with shorter grips. For this reason, in case you are not sure about the rackets that you should go for, then it will be a wise decision to go for the shorter rackets.

  • Paddle material

 Usually, the paddle material determines its weight and strength. A good material is durable and light in weight. Wood is also used in making paddles. It is the heaviest although it is also the cheapest. Graphite is light in weight but expensive. If you want, you can spend a fortune on a graphite paddle and enjoy a comfortable game.

 Other paddles are made of composites. They vary in weight and price. Simply choose the best considering other factors too.

  • Color

 What’s your favorite color? It’s always a prudent idea to go for what you like most. A pickleballrackets color matters a lot. Having a rackets, ball, and net of the same color may give you problems in terms of visibility. The three items will definitely look like one thing.

A rackets colored differently may also be an identifier, especially if there are many teams. You can also match your attire with your paddle.


Purchasing a perfect pickleballpaddle isn’t so difficult. There are many online and walk-in stores where you can get a nice paddle. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family. Make sure you stick to your budget.

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