Combat Fighter Review- What to know before buying it?

Words often fall short in explaining the feeling of helplessness that comes with the failure to fight back in times of crisis. The explicit terror that is accompanied with it triggers a rush in adrenaline levels that makes an already life-threatening situation even worse. With the intensification in dangerous circumstances that anyone might find themselves in, a tried and tested combat technique is the need of the hour.

To address this serious necessity, Combat Fighter brings forward, a thoroughly mastered art of fighting, developed by an active and on-duty operations warrior, John Black. It has stood the test of time and trenches as the developer himself has been deployed in dangerous settings countless times.


What is the Combat Fighter?

Combat fighter is a physical training program that trains individuals in self-defense techniques in an astonishingly short span of time. The skillset is so easy to learn, that amateurs without any prior experience have been able to combat like seasoned fighters in just days.

Even the most elite special forces and law enforcement officers have profited from the program because the tactics taught in Combat Fighter have been adapted by working closely with extremely focused tier 1 special operations units around the world.  Names like SEALs and Delta Force (USA), SAS ( Britain), Israeli Special Forces, Tactical Assault Group (Australia) are only some of the prominent forces involved in shaping the fighting tactics used in Combat Fighter.

For training individuals in mastering the art of self-defense and ensuring the safety of loved ones, John Black has forged all of the techniques that he learned over the years into simpler versions by investing countless hours testing their effectiveness. Here is a review of some of the maneuvers which a fighter will learn through Combat Fighter.


About John Black

In July of 1994, as a young teenage boy of 17, John was face to face with a deadly situation. He was at the brink of being incapacitated by his then girlfriend’s ex in the middle of the night. Feeble and lacking any self-defense skills, he barely escaped being trampled up by his opponent. This incident sparked a fire in him to develop the knack of standing up and fighting back in tough situations.

He began training in various physical training programs, but something in all the techniques that he mastered was still amiss. What he learned eventually was startling. The skills he acquired during his tough training on any platform were turning out to be a failure in real situations. The tactics failed in protecting him from real violence. He concluded that there are only a handful of fairly simple and instinctive techniques that actually work in defense against opponents and potential threats. This is why he summed them all up into one simple program and developed the Combat Fighter.

What’s inside this product?

  1. The Center Line Strike

This is a quick and unique technique that is dependent primarily on the ability to react instinctively, just like the knee jerk reaction when the doctor tests reflexes. When used correctly, it can knock off the opponent completely flat. Mastering this technique will allow enough time for victims to retreat from their attackers.

2. The Blitz Blast

This is using a barrage of continuous attacks on the opponent so as to overwhelm them in a split second. Combat Fighter ensures that this technique is used in the most effective way possible to fight a great variety of attackers. The blitz blast fighting technique is a more conditioned response to threats from attackers

3. The Force Hijack

This is the method that uses the body’s reflexes to dodge and divert an attacker’s force towards him, leaving him numb to retaliate on this turn of events.

4. The Surgical Strike

This method uses maneuvers like Underhand Ocular Control, allowing immediate control over the opponent by disruption of their neurological system, irrespective of how controlled they are.

5. The One and Done Principle

This is a technique that emphasizes eliminating all complexities taught commonly by instructors and focusing entirely on the opponent and his vulnerability. This then gives a chance to focus on the target and react with a Single but overwhelming response based on pure instincts.

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 The Tipping Point Principle

This enables combatant to decide the correct time to change their fighting style from defensive to an attack. Mastering this principle is crucial for gaining a clear edge over the opponent.

  • The Third Eye

The third eye is also known as the mind’s eye and is believed to have powerful abilities like sensing the opponent’s emotional state of fear, anger or defeat. Mastering the grasp of situational awareness provided by the Third Eye enables a fighter to recognize and capitalize on the opponent’s weak points.

In addition to mastering all the skills mentioned so far, Combat Fighter has much more to offer its users. The guide itself comes at the unbeatable price of $37, with a 60-day money-back guarantee! In addition to this, it also offers bonus guides that come in free with this amazing program. Here is an overview of what the manuals have to offer:

  • Advanced Situational Awareness Manual

This is going to be a great help in detecting, defusing or avoiding potential violence. It’s going to equip users with simple observation, scanning and monitoring techniques that will help to dodge violence even before it begins!

  • Alpha Survival Manual

Everything is covered in this manual from simple power outage to a full-blown terrorist attack and every other thing in between. All in all, this is a complete manual for professional tricks to survive and thrive in emergency situations.

  • Alpha Nation Online Coaching Community

This is a support group, where users can find hundreds of videos, articles, and people to find motivation and backing. Free entry to the club is offered for 30 days to get a head start on mastering Combat Fighter skills.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Combat Fighter


  • Equips with lifelong skills.
  • Ensures security of family and possessions.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • It provides peace of mind and confidence by enhancing self-defense capabilities.
  • Teaches extraordinary fighting skills to users in an astonishingly short period of time.


  • It requires thorough commitment.
  • Users may endure injuries, sometimes serious, while training.

Where to buy it?

Combat Fighter is only available online. The price for this product is $37.00 only. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means you can return it and get your money back within 60 days of the purchase. There are no hidden charges.


Being able to know that you have the skills in you to look into the eyes of danger with fearlessness, and protect yourself and your loved ones in the most vulnerable situations is very reassuring. Combat Fighter is a much-needed guide for anyone looking to adopt extraordinary fighting skills in the shortest time possible.

In times where safety is becoming a serious issue, self-defense techniques and even sensing dangerous situations from a distance is an ability that gives potential victims a clear edge over their probable attacker. Combat Fighter trains users in all these areas and most of all comes at a very affordable price with an exclusive money-back guarantee.

The fact that the purchase is one time, but the fruits that users will reap from the skills learned are lifelong, leaves no reason to abstain from ordering the amazing product right away. So, here is a link to the order it right away. 

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