Control Z Season 1: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer and all you need to know

World of technology is a dangerous game to play as shown in productions such as ‘Nerve’ and ‘Black Mirror’ – now add a little high school drama and a hacker seeking some sort of sadist satisfaction and we have ‘Control Z’. Control Z is an upcoming Mexican web television teen drama series of the Mexican language, Control Z was produced by Carlos Quintanilla and produced by Lemon Studios of Netflix. Featuring Anna Valeria Besarel, Michael Ronda, Anders Baida, Macarina Garcia, and Yankee Steven. 

It shows at Control Z presents the story of Sofia, a particularly applicable school and yet irrelevant open activity, which gives her the opportunity to find and catch a programmer who has made her web-based real Injured everyone at school by exposing internal factors.

The series revolves around a Mexican high school. Mexican high school is in a state of panic when a hacker invites them to share a friend’s secret, in order to protect them, as a young woman decides to find out. We all know about the upcoming drama thriller, ‘Control Z’.

According to Next TV News, the series is just one of 14 original productions from Mexico that will be added to the streaming service in 2020. Other titles include Disney Fernandez, Selena: The Series, and the second season of Nailed It! Mexico.

Fans in Mexico will be proud to know that the “Control Z” series is one of the Mexican series running live on Netflix. There are many Mexican series that will be available to stream the streaming giant. So viewers will find something new and interesting to watch every day. With the series’ amazing story plot, fans are definitely looking forward to seeing it on screen soon.

It will be an interesting watch for all the viewers but this series will be interesting for most of the teenagers. Read the article to know more about the upcoming series “Control Z”.

Released Date of “Control Z”

Viewers are expected to watch the series as soon as possible, they will be happy to know the confirmation. Yes, “Control Z” is live on Netflix on May 22, 2020. The series aims to be one of the most popular series to watch on Netflix.

About “Control Z” series:

The next Mexican series focuses on incidents in a high school called El Colegio Nacional, after which a hacker revealed the secrets of students throughout the school, which led to a complete change in the normal social order. Viewers will be happy to know that with such an interesting story, the series will definitely be a hit. Sofia, a brave high school student, will have the opportunity to find a hacker who is ultimately a bad guy.

The hacker is leaking shameful secrets to many high school students who feel humiliated. But socially inactive but brave Sofia will observe the hacker and reveal her identity. The series “Control Z” will definitely be very interesting and interesting to watch.

According to the official Netflix Plot synopsis, “Along the way, she will learn to make friends, empathize with others, and she may fall in love.”

Cast of “Control Z”:

Following stars will be included in “Control Z” 

  • Ana Valeria Becerril
  • Michael Ronda
  • Yankel Stevan
  • Zion Moreeno
  • Luis Curiel
  • Samantha Acuña
  • Andrés Baidaa
  • Patricio Galardo
  • Iváan Aragón
  • Xaabiani Ponce de León
  • Patricia Maqueoo
  • Rodrigo Cahero


The official summary of the streaming service reads, “When a hacker starts leaking student secrets throughout high school, the socially isolated but observant Sofia works to reveal her identity along the way. I will learn to empathize with friends. For others, too, and she can be loved. “

The story is a backbone-driven subject of hacking, the story is about a programmer, and Anna Valeria Besarel follows and watches the game, the programmer puts a game in everyone’s PDA and He mentioned that they should recognize each other’s puzzles in the game. ,

the thing goes colossal, the private things of different individuals go on the web. There are revolts in the city among the gathering of understudies as their private data getting Leaked.

Trailer of Control Z

The trailer is weird to say the least, as the hacker forces high school students to divulge information in order to prevent them from divulging their secrets. Because the hacker has disrupted social order in high school, a young student admits to knowing the identity of the person playing the disruptive and dangerous game.

But the full trailer has not been released yet – but we can expect that the official trailer was released by Netflix on 21st April 2020. People loved it, the gossip girl and the black mirror mirrored the previous series’ cocktail and made the audience anxious to wait for the series.

Control Z Story

A Mexican teenage drama in which a hacker wreaks havoc on the bodies of El Colegio Nacional students – and the series seems to take the high school drama to new heights.

In today’s trailer, we meet Sofia (Ana Valeria Becerril), who is the outcast in the series outcast at her school. She wears a lot of black clothes, keeps to herself with the help of her headphones, and prefers to observe her peers from afar, to tell their predictable habits and to separate the social classification. ۔

But the school’s precious pyramid turns around when students’ secrets are revealed by a hacker, whose first target is half of a famous couple, a student named Isabela.

The trailer shows a scene where a hacker played an unplanned video during a school assembly and revealed that Isabela is a transgender, expressing his desire for his little girl. Isabela ran away from the assembly and it looks like she will take revenge later.

Sofia is anxious to know who is responsible for unraveling the mystery that everyone wants to keep secret. “There’s a hacker behind it,” she says in the trailer. “I want to know who did it.” So, she forms a team with a new boy at school, Javier (Michael Ronda), who is ready to unravel the mystery. “We found out,” he says. “I think it can be fun.”

The trailer suggests that instead of entertaining investigative work, it’s the two of them. Is hoarding. Once a secret is leaked, countless pursuits – fights break out, rubbish is dumped on campus, and rumors creep into everyone’s social circle. “Once in a while the chaos isn’t bad, right?” Sofia asked in the trailer.

Creators of Control Z

Series is directed by Bernardo De La Rosa and Alejandro Lozano with Miguel García Moreno, Adriana Pelusi, and Carlos Quintanilla serving as writers. Alejandro Lozano, Billy Rovzar, Fernando Rovzar, and Erica Sánchez Su serve as executive producers.

Any announcements about this season?

So far, there is no official announcement about the next season. Debut season will decide if we get next season or not. Netflix always updates a show that deserves continuity. So there is no doubt that the same will happen to Control Z.

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