Dental and Facial Trauma – How Expert Help in Woodlands Can Be Your Supporting Aid

Trauma to the face is something that will not fade away easily. An injury to the face can leave behind a long-lasting emotional effect on the body because they stare back at you, every time you look at your reflection in the mirror.

The most suggested way of handling facial and dental trauma is with the help of specialists. Oral Facial Surgery Specialists is one of the many such teams of the Woodlands dental and facial injuries. These experts can help you by treating all kinds of facial and dental injuries at the VIP level. Dr. Muniz DMD, MD, is an experienced specialist when it comes to handling such cases. You can book an appointment by visiting their website. 

Common Types of Facial and Dental Trauma 

The causes of dental and facial trauma are many. Some are listed below. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

The lacerations that are seen on the facial area are the injuries to the soft tissues present in the facial muscles. The right way of handling this issue is with the help of an oral surgeon. If the lacerations on the facial muscles are deeper, then there are chances that the injuries might have gone deeper into the nerves and salivary glands. 

Tooth and Mouth Injuries 

Most dental injuries result in chipping or even breaking of teeth. These injuries require a multi-step approach with the help of the experts in Woodlands. 

For instance, an oral surgeon can handle your tooth loss issue, as there will be the requirement of repairing the bone fracture and bone grafting. However, the minor injuries will just require the help of the restorative dentistry experts in Woodlands. 

Bone Trauma 

Trauma to the bone structure normally results in damaging the nose, jaws, eyes, and cheekbone structures. During such injuries, it is suggested to look for an expert that will not only heal your injuries, but will also help you restore your facial features to their previous state. 

The causes of facial traumas are many. It can be because of sports injuries, accidents, falls, gunshot wounds, assault, etc. The best way of treating any such facial trauma is by addressing the injury carefully and working around them to make sure that the facial features will be brought back to their previous state. 

Find the best facial surgery specialist like Dr. Muniz DMD, MD, in Woodlands for excellent results.