Did you know that Anxiety is a Mental Disorder?

Having an emotional response about things is naturally normal. These emotions create a way to react to your stress about the dangers that might be on your way. Prolonged feelings about your worries at any circumstance result in Anxiety. Anxiety comes when you have problems at work, taking examination tests, making decisions, and others. According to research, teenagers at the adolescent stage, and adults are mostly affected by Anxiety. Since Anxiety is not a normal mental condition, it is crucial to seek medical assistance to manage it. San Diego anxiety is a health clinic that treats and manages Anxiety. Below are some types of Anxiety.

Examples of anxiety disorder

There are a variety of anxiety disorders. They include;

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety occurs when you feel you don’t have a public figure. You fear and get worried about what people will say about you daily.

Panic anxiety disorder

This condition occurs when you are not confident in what you are doing. Panic disorder can make you sweat, have a pounding heartbeat, and increase blood pressure.

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety mostly affects little kids. This type of stress happens when kids are separated from their loved ones. Some Teenagers may worry about the well being of their partners if they move away.

Medication and diseases triggered Anxiety

Some drugs cause hormonal imbalances, which can read to Anxiety. These medicines mostly alter your mind creating illusions of fear and worries. Some diseases may harm you to an extent you may think you won’t recover. This situation can make you develop fear and worry.

The following signs and symptoms accompany anxiety disorders.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder

There are many signs and symptoms that can occur due to anxiety disorders. Common signs and symptoms are dry mouth, fear, and panic, crying in children, dizziness, unable to stay calm and confident, overthinking, loss of weight, shrinking of cheeks, loss of concentration, loss of appetite, and others.  Most of these signs and symptoms appear when you have severe Anxiety. Severe Anxiety can last for months or even a whole year. Seeking medical attention early prevents you from harmful effects. The following are the possible methods of treating Anxiety.

How to treat anxiety disorder

Treatment of anxiety disorders include;


Medication involves drugs known as antidepressants. Antidepressants help you reduce overthinking so that you can have a good sleep. The doctors will diagnosis your overall health to decide which medicines are appropriate for you.


It is a non-medical way of fighting Anxiety. Counselors mostly assist children and teenagers in fighting stress. A counselor with an LPCC degree online will try to understand the cause of your stress and provide a solution to the anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a condition that is brought by the emotional effect. Emotions make you feel insecure about something and fear taking a step, especially during decision making. There are many types of anxiety-like panic disorder and separation anxiety. Since Anxiety is a disease associated with the mind, its severity can cause mental problems. It is vital to seek medical attention when you notice symptoms like overthinking, feeling restless, and feeling lonely. For more information about the treatment and management of anxiety disorder, consult Mind Set healthcare clinic.