Discover How Domain Registration Can Help Your Site Gain More Popularity

A good website with an attractive domain name and effective online presence will help you to grow your business. Any business can become successful with a unique domain for it provides proper identification and customer accessibility to your website. Domain registration is essential, for it gives an identity and credibility to your business, and tells the audience what you are doing. If you are an entrepreneur running a startup business in Singapore, you can make it successful with a good website and domain extension like ‘.sg’, which helps attract local customers.  

With an ‘.sg’ domain extension, you can easily reach your local customers in Singapore, and also show the users and search engines the origin of the site. The country-code top-level domain ‘.sg’ or ‘’ can also offer better rankings for your website in the local SERP. Other than enhancing your website with the right extension, you can promote your brand name and business. However, if you are planning to register a domain, it has a few aspects to think about. 

Choose an established domain registrar

The first step for domain registration involves buying a domain name.  You can find innumerable domain service companies which offers a domain at competitive prices. Nevertheless, you need to choose a popular and known registrar. Anyone can start a registration company and offer domain registration service, but they may not provide enough support. A recognized registrar can benefit you by finding a good domain name, offering back-order and transfer of domain service, and so on.  

Choose the best domain name

To buy a domain, you can get the help of a registrar who knows the domain name availability. Being an experienced service provider, your registrar can assist you in a better way. In addition, they use domain name search tools to find a suitable name that is not used before.  

A domain name search tool can help you get a perfect website name which is not used by others. Here are some factors you have to think about:

  • Avoid complex words, hyphens, and numbers 

The internet users prefer using names that are short and uncomplicated ones without any hyphens or numbers. Such names are easy to remember and use. Therefore, you should choose a domain name that is short, easy to pronounce or remember, and simple without any hyphens or numbers. Complex words are difficult to type and remember. You can also create a name using two commonly used names. For example, ‘Pinterest’ is created by combining ‘Pin’ and ‘interest’ and ‘Travelocity’ is made by joining ‘travel’ and ‘velocity.

  • Choose names related to your company or business

If a domain represents your business, brand, or service, it will attract a lot of traffic. Try using a combination of keywords to enhance SEO optimization and attract potential customers.  

  • Use perfect extensions that suit your business

Choose top-level domain extensions such as .com, .net and .org, which will help you to get more visitors to your site. In case you find such top-level extensions expensive, you can also go for new versions of domains. If you are country-specific and want to attract the local markets in Singapore, then look for country-specific domains such as, ‘.sg’ or ‘’. 

Have domain registration, along with other services 

Once you have chosen the right domain name, check for other services such as website building and webhosting offered by a registrar. This will help you to have everything under one account, and it will work out cheaper. The tips given above will assist you with easy domain registration, for a strong online presence.