Easy Ways to Make Money Online!

Are you a student who wants to earn some extra pocket-money? Or are you an employee looking out for easiest ways to make money? Come on, let’s accept everyone needs money to sustain! “To make money online” is the quickest way to add some extra pennies to your pockets! There’s absolutely no need to give a specific amount of time to earn through the online medium. 

Furthermore, there’s no prior investment needed to make money online. And guess what’s more? It’s absolutely free to start earning online! All you need is your smartphone or a computer, which everyone has. If not, it is yet cost effective. And there you go!  You’re all set to earn! In this article you’ll learn easy ways to make money online without investment

People mostly search for how to earn from blogging, how to earn from YouTube videos, etc. But, why consider such time-consuming options when you have much more easier alternatives available! 

Want to explore these alternatives? Keep reading to learn the best ways to earn money online without investment.

Like and comment on YouTube videos: 

All of us love watching YouTube videos for various reasons. Be it hacks, tricks, music, gaming or just to learn new things. But what if someone is actually willing to pay you to like and comment on their videos? Isn’t that the best way to have fun and yet earn certain amount? These tasks can be accomplished at any leisure time! It is a great way to earn quick money. Sites like rapid-worker and missions in the Frapp internship app for students have many of these missions. You should check it out for sure! It is an amazing way to make quick money.

Plus, the task requires minimal effort and you can actually accomplish multiples of them in a short amount of time. Some employers offer to pay as high as $3 per like or comment! You’re paid as soon as the work is reviewed! You don’t need any extra skill, any extra time nor any additional effort to accomplish such small tasks! Hence, go ahead and grab these easy money-making opportunities. 

Write an eBook:

Do you possess great writing skills? Put them at work asap! All you need to do is, go on putting down all of your imagination into a story to earn money online. Craft a story that you would love to read and see what recognition it gains. Don’t write a story for your audience; write for yourself. But books are not all about stories, right? They are finally known for the wisdom they impart. Share your topmost skill, be it writing itself or any other professional, technical or leisure skill you own. 

Passionate readers out there wait for material that come from original artists. In fact, sites like Amazon Kindle and Wattpad are a great platform for writers and serve as an excellent way to earn money online! In-chapter ads in Wattpad books pay writers pretty much the same way how bloggers and youtubers are paid. eBook authors are now earning as high as $2000 per month! What’s more? If your eBook does really well, it gets published by renowned publishers following the fame! 

Answer Survey Questions: 

You must have seen various surveys popping in while you’re surfing the net or simply watching YouTube videos. The purpose of these surveys is pretty obvious: to know the public opinion. However, did you know that this personal opinion has a great value if used at the right place? It’s absolutely true that many sites such as i-Say, Valued Opinions, Survey Junkie, etc., pay you to answer their surveys! This is becoming an increasingly popular way to earn money without investment and make quick money.

Many research companies actually recruit individuals to answer their polls. Surveys are the most cost-effective way to gain a general conscience on the researchers’ part. But, at the same time, the general public is benefiting some amount from it by making quick money. Not only it takes least of your efforts, but you earn some bucks in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes! You can make anywhere between $1 to $20 depending on the length of your survey and the type of questions asked in there. 


To sum it up, these were the three easy ways to make money online. Also, these are the quick ways to make money. You can work through it while commuting, or at your dining table, or while watching TV or and even while pooping! 

These are really good options to make more money; that too quickly and without an investment. Do visit our site for more interesting content and suggestions! This was all about easy ways to make money online without investment. You can read more attractive and effective ways to learn how to make more money at dailyjunkies.

Thanks for reading!