Enjoy a Radiant and Healthy Smile with an Expert Dental Hygiene Specialist in California

Your dental hygienist works alongside your dentist to give you a healthy and bright smile. They help, cross-check, and, in some cases, take over the management of some treatments. Sunshine Dental, Inc’s Philip Chien, DDS, and the dental hygienists offer you the top-level dental care you need. To start working towards your beautiful smile with compassionate Temecula dental hygienist specialists, call the office or request an appointment online today.

What Exactly Is A Dental Hygienist?

Sunshine Dental, Inc’s dental hygienists, are highly competent and rigorously skilled dental professionals that assist your dentist in diagnosing, treating, and maintaining your smile and dental health.

They are typically the first person you will encounter when you arrive at the dentist’s office and will be present for the better time you engage with your dentist.

What Exactly is the Job of a Dental Hygienist?

Dental hygienists play a variety of responsibilities and are subject to a variety of tasks, including:

·       Screenings

When you visit Sunshine Dental, Inc., the dental hygienist performs an initial screening process of your gums and teeth. This is to ensure that any cranny and nook of your mouth is checked and healthy.

They take measures of your gums regularly to make sure that you are not contracting gum disease and submit any findings or noticeable regions to your dentist for more evaluation.

·       Cleaning Services

Your dental hygienist will perform your regular teeth cleanings, removing tartar and plaque accumulation on your teeth to aid in the battle against gum disease and tooth decay.

·       Medications

Besides supporting your dentist with surgical responsibilities such as suture removal and anesthesia administration, dental hygienists may also provide preventive treatments, including fluoride and placing sealants to safeguard your teeth from decay.

·       Formal education

Flossing and brushing are your most potent weapons in the battle versus gum disease and tooth decay. Your dental hygienist teaches you adequate at-home maintenance so that you can avoid more severe operations such as root canals and gum disease treatment.

·       X-rays and imprints

Your hygienist is also in charge of taking X-rays. Your dentist needs a closer look at your teeth or will be conducting a root canal.

If you have any treatment that needs impressions, including bridges, dentures, or crowns, your hygienist will usually create the mold.

What Kind of Education Do Dental Hygienists Need?

Dental hygienists must go through comprehensive and rigorous training to offer you the best possible oral health care and treatments.

They must have an associate’s degree from a CODA-approved university, but many have master’s and bachelor’s degrees. They ought to also pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination and update their license after one to three years to keep their skills fresh and updated on various hygiene procedures, restorative, and anesthetic techniques.

Phillip Chien, DDS, and his compassionate team at Sunshine Dental, Inc seek to offer complete dental health treatment to children, men, and women in Temecula and the greater California community. To maintain your happy and healthy smile, book an appointment with the practice today through mobile or online booking service.