Enjoy Your Day with Same Day Agra Tour

When you plan a trip to India then never forget to visit Agra which is a famous tourist destination. India is a rich country in terms of knowledge, culture, history and many more. 

Agra is the combination of all so you would not miss any chance to visit the location and get to learn everything. People might be in urgency and have only a day to tour the city; even then you can enjoy the place. 

When you connect with the tour and travel company then they can offer you with same day Agra tour packages. You will get to enjoy the entire location with a great experience. Days do not matter if you think of traveling and enjoying the moments. 

If you are on a one day trip then you can book a taxi in Agra on arrival or come with the same to the city. Your journey will become easy and comfortable if you have a personal vehicle for your service. 

You do not have to wait for public transport for your journey. It wastes a lot of time and it becomes impossible for the person to complete his journey within the speculated time. The one day journey should have everything that you wish and visit the following destinations:

Tajmahal- The most beautiful tourist destination of Agra city or you can say of entire India. The structure has made its place in the Seven Wonders of the World because of its beauty and theme of the construction. 

It is known as a symbol of love because it was built by Emperor Shahjahan in the loving memory of his youngest wife, Mumtaz Mahal who died while giving birth to his fourteenth child. The entire structure stands above the grave of the king and queen.

It is made up of white marbles which shines like a diamond when the sun rays fall upon the same. The place off attraction is also Mehtab Bagh which is located beside the Tajmahal. 

Agra Fort- It is yet another monument built by the Mughal Emperor. The structure was built as a victory symbol of the Mughals which later used a the meeting points. The architecture of the monument is unique and beautiful. The fort has two important chambers namely Diwan-e-Khas where meetings were held with the chief officials whereas the other chamber is known as Diwan-e-aam where the general population used to meet the emperor and discuss the problems.

Baby Taj-Also known as Itmad-ud-Daula is a replica of the main Tajmahal built with the white marbles. It was built by the Mughal emperor far back from the construction of the main Tajmahal. You can see the same glory in the monument on your visit. The structure lost its importance after the construction of the main Tajmahal. 

The local artisans of Agra are very famous because of their creativity. The artisans are still following the traditional form of work which has a Mughal instinct in the same. The main thing that you would get to see is the creativity of the cutting marbles into miniatures. You can take the miniature of the Tajmahal along with you as a sweet memory of the trip.