Eric Andre net worth A Complete Biography

Knowing about the celebrities is like exploring a different side of their story. We normally know any celebrity to an extent. Only the fashion, style and luxury life that Paparazzi flaunt about celebrities remains on board. Sometimes, it is good to read something unconventional about these personalities.

We are talking about EricAndre net worth and whole biography that you normally cannot access anywhere. It is an unconventional detail that you must want to know.

The famous actor and comedian who spread laughter on your face since a long time was born in Florida. He is famous for his series “The Eric Andre Show”. It is a complete show he holds and follows a specific format with innovative content to entertain you.

Eric’s early life

Born on April 4, 1983, Eric Andre is a Florida kid. His father is Haitian and Mother is Jewish American. He was raised in Florida with his family and got his graduation from Dreyfoos School of Arts in 2001. For the further studies and exposure, Eric went to Berklee College of Music in Boston. He wanted to have career in music and this is what got him there. It proved to be a nice boost for his learning of music and more towards a professional life.

Career and shows

Getting into the entertainment industry was the earliest approach that Eris had. Right after his learning and education, he began his career in 2009. The stating was a little rough and low profile with minor roles in different entertainment productions. It appeared to be a regularrough start that any new comer experience in there.

The real kick he got was from the show he created for adult swim, ‘The Eric Andre Show’. Featuring his name and himself doing a lot of fun, the show was a success. The format was mostly about the sketches, pranks, celebrity interviews and more of entertainment. It proved to be an attraction for the adults and audience at large. Giving them,a good piece makes Eric to be famous and known for a reason.

In 2015, he has to start a comic series “Man Seeking Woman”. It was another big shot for Eric’s career. In the series, he provided entertainment and much more for the audience for sure. The people started knowing Eric Andre young and then he went into the industry further.

The more influential artwork he did that eliminated the question of what is Eric from the industry was being the part of a flagship project. The land the role of hyena for “The Lion King – 2019”, it made him famous and known for sure. the list of movies and show done by Eric is no too long but do have some of impressive names in there, Flock of dudes, Hot Ones, Rough Nights, Should’ve Been Rome, Bang Bang and Invention of Lying are the prominent names.

Being a celebrity, he has been the part of numerous shows and interviews for press and TV at the same time. Thepopularity chart is not low and it has its own highs for Eric’s career.

Personal life

One of the most important questions that people search is about EricAndre wife. For many female fans, it is a big question. Eric has a dating history. He is been dating actor Rosario Dawson and Tatyana Ali as well. However, right now he is dating a girl he met before COVID-19 at a farmer’s market. Seems like he is into this simple girls who is not on screen or anywhere.

EricAndre age 38 years and counting and hem ark these years as glorious. He love life and prefer to live up to every single moment of it for sure. Being an agnostic atheist, Eric practice transcendental Meditation. He has been a part of numerous political activities and campaigns at different times.

Recently, in April 2021 he was profiled racially at the Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International airport. The security stopped him and search for drugs when he was boarding a flight. Eric claimed it was just because of his color line. He took the matter serious and loud on social media by mentioning that police detained him. There was no asking for volunteer checking or cooperation. Neither was it a normal checking practice at the airport. 

Eric Andre Net worth

Coming towards the Eric Andre net worth than it is claimed to be 4 million dollars now. He found of a good life yet do not prefer toshare much of details about his holdings publically.


Eric Andre lion king involvement made him popular so far. It is one of the landmark projects of his lifetime. Moreover, he is working well in the industry and coming up with a great content that attract everyone around.