Everything You Need to Understand About Falling Into Your Smile Dramas

Chinese dramas are the best movies or videos to watch to light up your evening and enjoy your free time. The movies have various story baselines that reflect real life and make your movie time enjoyable. Falling into your smile is a common name when looking at the top Chinese dramas. The cast has an episode schedule that’ll light your movie times or moments. This article outlines everything you need to understand about the movie.

What is Falling into Your Smile?

It’s an ongoing famous Chinese drama that provides a massive buzz, as the creators keep sharing its episode clips and stills. This Chinese drama is based on the esports competitive world and holds a huge fan base due to its numerous themes on life, love, and sports. The drama has excellent chemistry between the main cast, synopsis, and the real world. The composers adopted the drama’s storyline from a web novel that Qing Mei called �’you’re Beautiful When You Smile.’’ Catch Watch Falling Into Your Smile Kdrama on Viki.

Falling Into Your Smile Synopsis

This drama mainly focuses on the esports competitive world, where Lu Si Cheng is the main character in the storyline. In the cast, Cheng acts as a hard-to-please individual. However, as the team captain (ZDGX), he became charming, famous, and talented in the sport. While gaming, one of his top teammates injured his hand, making him withdraw from the match due to the pain resulting from the injury.

As the captain, Lu Si Cheng is responsible for looking for the appropriate replacement for the player to continue with the game. With the huge fan base and pressure to get results, Cheng must find another appropriate substitute with similar or more excellent skills. They choose Tong Yao, another player or character with excellent skills, to substitute for the injured player. Despite getting a substitute with similar skills, the recruitment process isn’t easy. The storylines continue in the following episodes from the build-up.

How to Watch Falling Into Your Smile

The Chinese drama has an interesting storyline that you can enjoy watching with your colleagues, friends, and even family members. But, how can you watch this Chinese drama? The movie has various episodes you can watch on various platforms, such as online or on the original network. Therefore, it’ll be vital to choose a convenient platform that allows you to watch the episodes.

You can easily watch the movies on the Youku channel. Besides the Youku channel, you can also watch Falling Into Your Smile Kdrama on Viki and other online streaming sites. On Viki, you can watch the whole of all the episodes that the movie directors have released. Out of the 31 episodes, you can watch 22 episodes already on the online streaming platforms.

Final Thoughts

Falling Into Your Smile is an interesting Chinese drama revolving around competitive esports. The drama genres revolve around life, youth, comedy, and romance. It’s a movie worth spending time watching due to its educative and entertaining nature. The above is everything you need to understand about Chinese drama and how to watch it.