Everything You Ought to Know About Dentures

Dental health issues affect not only your oral system but also your overall health. Therefore, critical care is necessary to promote your health and enhance better living. Dental health is also significant in ensuring healthy and pleasing smiles.

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What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial and removable teeth and gum replacements for missing natural teeth. With advanced dental techniques, dentures are comfortable and natural-looking to resemble your natural teeth. Your dental provider customizes your dentures to address your dental concerns and match with the existing teeth.

What are the components of dentures?

Initially, dentures contained plastic and porcelain materials. But today, dentures consist of a hard resin. However, the materials are more fragile than your natural teeth; hence easy to crack or chip when dropped or not correctly cleaned.

Generally, the dentures materials break down faster than your natural teeth; hence, the need to replace them every five years or more.

Why should you wear dentures?

Besides improving your smile appearance, they also restore your mouth structure, enhancing the overall facial appearance. Dentures also promote chewing, among other teeth functions. They are an alternative treatment for severely infected or damaged teeth.

Types of dentures

During your appointment, you will consult with your dental provider to determine what type of dentures fit you.

Partial dentures

You may require partial dentures when your surrounding natural teeth are weak and unable to hold structures like dental bridges or have more than one tooth missing.

The dentist fits partial dentures on your gum line and secures them to the neighboring natural teeth to prevent them from falling. However, the fastening is only temporary, as you can remove them at any time for cleaning or while sleeping.

Full dentures

Complete dentures replace all your natural teeth. Your dental provider fits them to your gum lines using suction or oral adhesive.

Immediate dentures and overdentures

Immediate dentures involve your dentist preparing the dentures before removing the damaged teeth and placing them immediately after teeth extraction. After healing, the dentist removes them, allowing the placement of permanent dentures. In addition, the immediate dentures help accommodate changes that occur during the healing process.

Overdentures are an alternative treatment for traditional dentures. Your dentist fits overdentures over the natural teeth roots of dental implants. They provide more comfort and are easy to remove.

Implant-supported dentures

These are dentures supported by dental implants, including the implant, crown, and metal post. Implant-supported dentures are typical on the lower jaw.

You may need a regular dental check-up to ensure your dentures are in place and fully functioning.

How to care for your dentures?

Like your natural teeth, dentures require daily cleaning to avoid bacteria and tartar buildup. You may need to remove them from the mouth and brush them thoroughly.

Place dentures in water or a saturated solution when not wearing them to prevent them from drying out.

Dentures do not provide a permanent solution for missing teeth, and you may be required to visit your dentist regularly for changing, remaking, realigning, tightening, among other issues.

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