Get Ready To Enjoy Your Vacation At Chandigarh

Want to enjoy your vacation trip? If so, then undoubtedly Chandigarh is the ideal place. Actually, Chandigarh has so many beautiful and memorable places to visit. Every year nearly thousands of people visit the place and enjoy their holiday trip to the core. There are so many places are available which adds extra beauty to the city. If you are the one who is checking for the best tourist places in Chandigarh then continue to read on the following article! 

Chandigarh-most beautiful city:

Chandigarh is a Union Territory and also the capital of two states namely Punjab and Haryana. The countless attractive places in the city overwhelm huge visitors. And sure, Chandigarh will give you happy memories and so you can cherish the moments in the rest of your life. Since it is close to Himachal Pradesh and so you can enjoy delightful destinations on the way to go. Well, the best thing about the city is that the roads run through trees on both sides. In order to maintain the cleanliness, the city has dustbins at every market, street corners and much more. 

On the other hand, Sweepers have taken their works into serious account and clean the roads even during the winter season. That is why Chandigarh is also known as “Beautiful City of India”!  At the same time, there is a park in every sector which makes really the Chandigarh a beautiful city. In addition, parks and green gardens are preserved properly. How exciting it could be driving on a road with full of green trees at both ends? Just imagine! 

Some striking places to visit:

  • Rock garden

It is a famous tourist place to visit in Chandigarh. It is situated at just 4.5km from the bus stand. The rock garden is one of the major attractions of the city and also it is a must-visit place. The garden has small man-made waterfalls, clay made sculptures, statues, marbles, beautiful man-made potted items, accessories and much more. Once you have visited this garden and sure you can enjoy more than what you have expected. Bear in mind, your visit is incomplete unless you don’t visit this mesmerizing garden. 

  • Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake is one of the major attractions in the city. It is the man-made lake and is situated at a distance of 5.5km from the bus stand. If you are the solitude seekers, then nothing can give you a better view to enjoy nature other than this Sukhna Lake. There are so many habitats are living inside the lake such as fishes, ducks and even migratory birds. The scenic beauty of the lake truly delights the people who are fond of taking photographs. Sunrise and Sunset is the best way to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the lake. 

  • Garden Of Silence

Want to enjoy the peace? If so, then Garden of Silence in Chandigarh is the best place. It is situated at a distance of 7km from the bus stand. This garden is especially constructed for meditating purposes.  At the same time, the surrounding places are very calm and filled with greeneries which add extra beauty to the city.