Get Rid of Snakes in a Natural Way

Are you looking to get rid of snakes, but you do not want to harm or kill them? Does the chemical snake repellent does not work for you anymore? If yes, then this article will surely help you. We will show you the natural way of getting rid of the snakes in your residence or garden. By using the plants that repel snakes in your home, it will surely keep them away.

Most people wanted to deter them since they can be a nuisance and a problem in the home or garden. Snakes can be more dangerous if you have pets or children inside your home since they can bite and some of them are venomous. This is the main reason why most people are looking for a way to get rid of this animal.

The most effective way of deterring them is by planting the snake repelling plants around your garden. This will create a strong barrier around your house. Using this method is also an eco-friendly that will help the environment at the same time, your garden will also make it more attractive and beautiful. You can also avoid any health risk if you choose this instead of chemical snake repellent since some of them are dangerous for our health.

Below you can see the list of plants that can keep the snakes away.


The first plant in our list that can repel snakes is the Lemongrass. Snakes don’t like this plant since it has a very strong smell which snakes won’t be able to tolerate. This plant is also very common so finding it won’t be a problem. 

In some Asian countries, they use it for culinary purposes. Citronella can also extract from this plant which is the main source of mosquito repellent. This plant is also very easy to grow so minimum maintenance and care are enough for them to thrive well.


The second plant in our list is the Wormwood, they are also known in some places as the “Mugwort” or “Old Uncle Henry”. Growing them is also very easy since they are not soiled sensitive. You can even see them on the roads or garbage place. 

This plant has a lot of uses, one of them is repelling snakes since this plant has a strong scent. Another one is medicine. An herbalist uses it for fever, liver diseases, gallbladder diseases, and many more. 

However, if you are planning to grow them, make sure to plant them in a pot since they are known as an invasive that is known to overgrown and takes your garden due to its very fast growth rate.


This beautiful plant is the last one on our list. It is very popular so you can find this easily in most garden stores. It may have a beautiful appearance however, if you crush its leaves, they release an irksome smell that snakes find it uncomfortable. 

They are very easy to grow that loves the sunlight so make sure to give them enough of it. 

Final Thoughts

The following plants are the best one that you can plant in your yard or garden to keep your house free of snakes. The natural way is the best solution for repelling snakes instead of using a chemical that can harm our health. If ever you have a question or suggestions, you can leave us a comment below.