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Grand Action Simulator Unblocked is a third-person view driving simulator game in the New York city. In the city, you will drive a car or a motorbike and is known as thug from whom whole city fears. It is an open world crime game that is much like GTA game series. You are allowed to take the role of a criminal in town whose main goal is to take over the New York City by using any necessary means. The player needs to explore the city areas and collect or steal money using various methods that he think are best.

In the city, you will fight against different gangsters of other countries who came in New York City to take over it like America, China, Mexico, Russia, and Japan. You are free to visit any area in the city and can steal supercars, shoot the people and more amazing things you can do in this game. There are many missions to complete for which you need to buy certain things from the shop. Most of the missions you do will be on the road but some of them will be in other gangs land just like GTA series mission. You have to take care of your city by killing other mafias.

In this article, we will share complete detail about Grand Action Simulator Unblocked, how to play the game, its features, tips and tricks, FAQs, and more. So read till end!

More About Grand Action Simulator Unblocked?

The game is all about crime and taking over your city New York. You will complete different missions and will take care of your area/city from other mafias. The player is the ruthless criminal who will kill people, steal bikes and cars, and will collect money to purchase shop items. The gameplay totally depends on how you manage to build your empire in the New York city. You can either be kind and soft-hearted or ruthless and merciless criminal to rule the city. Take out other mafias and gangsters who are trying to kill you and take over your area. Take their wealth and kill them without thinking a second time. If you play the game well, no one can stop you from ruling the NYC.


  • Beautiful visual/graphics that are adjustable.
  • Multiple guns included.
  • Simple and military vehicles, characters, helicopter, and warplanes included.
  • Weapon shop to buy new weapons.
  • Different missions to complete.
  • Explore the city map and building your empire.
  • Fight with other gangsters and mafias.

How to Play Grand Action Simulator Unblocked?

The gameplay of Grand Action Simulator unblocked online is not easy. You need to master the keyboard keys to win the fight. Once you understand how to control your player, you are the king of New York. In the game, you are free to steal rival cars, kill them, and collect money. From that money, you can buy different useful items and guns that will help you complete the missions. You can even steal warplanes, tanks, helicopter and military vehicles to complete missions.

One thing that you must take care of is your health. Other gangsters also have weapon so they will fire on you and you must protect yourself while shooting back on them to maintain your health. If you health ends, you will die and the New York city will be in gangster hand so be careful while playing the game. Below we have shared complete controls that you must master to play the game.

  • WASD or arrow keys for movement
  • T key to open nearby garage
  • Left click to shoot or punch
  • Space bar to jump
  • G for grenade
  • Z to switch grenade
  • X to switch weapon
  • Left shit to run
  • F to open car
  • R to open nearby garage
  • C to switch vehicle camera

Truck Controls:

  • Z for Pitchfork up
  • X for Pitchfork down
  • Q to dump start
  • R to dump end
  • Space bar to lift the container

How to Buy Weapons and Their Price

The first thing is you must have cash to buy the weapons. Without cash you can’t buy any item from the shop. In start, you can’t complete missions without weapon so fight with people and win $25. Use this money to buy the weapons and other useful items. To buy, drive to the weapon shop and enter it. Select the weapon from the menu and click buy. The money will be deducted from your account. Below is the price list of different weapons which are not cheap so collect as much money as possible:

  • Armor: $150
  • Pistol: $200
  • Revolver: $300
  • Carbine Assault Rifle (AR15): $1,400
  • 5X Molotov: $60
  • CQ16 Sub-Machine Gun: $800
  • QK47 (AK47): $1,300
  • 5X Grenades: $100
  • Flame Thrower: $800
  • Sawed-Off Shot Gun: $1,200
  • RPG8 (Rocket Launcher): $10,000
  • Minigun: $15,000


Can we play grand action simulator unblocked online?

Yes, you can easily play this game online as it is available on multiple online websites. You must have a good internet for this.

Can we download the game in mobile?

Yes, you are allowed to download the game in mobile. There are many websites who are giving APK version of the game. Just download and install the game.

Who developed grand action simulator unblocked?

The game was first launched in September 2017 and is developed by HGames. The game was updated later on December 2018.

Is this game safe for kids?

No, the game is best to play for children above 16 because there are guns and crime in the game so its better to not give this game to kids.

Can we use cheat codes in the game?

Yes, there are many cheat codes available online on different websites. You can use the cheat codes but we recommend to play fair game.


Grand Action Simulator is a game like GTA series where you will steal, kill and collect money. Your main goal is to rule the New York City and take care of it from other mafias. Moreover, you will also face missions where you need to visit other gangsters area and kill them. There are many exciting features that you will get once you download the game. If you have enough courage to steal vehicles and kill people in the game, then you must play it online or download it today on mobile!

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