Herschel Walker Gives Cagey Explanation For Trump Not Holding Rally For Him

GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker tiptoed to explain why former President Donald Trump is not holding an in-person rally for him just days before Walker’s runoff election against Democrat Raphael Warnock in Georgia. (Watch the video below.)

Walker struggled to cobble together a firm response.

“You know, President Trump has always been in my corner ― he still is in my corner, and he’s been doing other things for me, and everyone has been doing a lot of things for me,” Walker said. “Tonight we just got out of a fundraiser with Governor [Brian] Kemp … President Trump is doing just as much for me.”

But the reality is that both camps agreed that Trump’s presence could pose a risk for Walker’s chances, campaign officials told The New York Times.

“The decision to keep Mr. Trump out of the spotlight was a response largely to the former president’s political style and image, which can energize his core supporters but also motivate Democratic voters and turn off significant segments of moderate Republicans,” Times reporter Michael Bender wrote in an article this week.

The former president, who recently announced his intention to run again in 2024, is said to have lost the confidence of some Republicans after endorsing a number of candidates in the midterms who ended up losing.

Trump is still expected to conduct a call with supporters in Georgia, and plans to continue online fundraising for Walker, the Times noted.

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