History Of Swear Words: Hosted By Nicolas Cage (New Docuseries)

Netflix will start 2021 with exactly what the world needs. The streaming service has released a new trailer for an upcoming reality show called “History of Swear Words (New docuseries)”.

Simply as the name suggests, the show is taking viewers on a journey, and exploring the history at the back of a few common foul languages. And no one but Nicholas Cage (leaving Las Vegas, face / off) will guide us on this journey.

History Of Swear Words

History of Swear Words is hosted by Nicholas Cage. History of Swear Words is a series of noisy and proud songs that explores the origins of curse words, the use of pop culture, science and cultural influences. “

There are six episodes in History of Swear Words in which the history of each episode is explored, and the history of the cultural effects of the words of the specific curse is explored. Each episode will last for 20 minutes. The documentary series consists of “fuck” “bitch” “shit” “dick,” “pussy,” and “damn.”

History of Swear Words is one of the more humorous original, which Netflix plans to premiere in upcoming days. The series is definitely one of many small screen projects which Cage has currently lined up for himself. He is set to play Tiger King in the scripted drama series on Amazon to play Joe Exotic, which is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated projects for fans of the actors. He will also produce an executive and voice a dragon from the Amazon series Highfire.

Streaming Date

You will be able to stream it in the beginning of 2021 January 5, on Netflix. Visit the comedy Netflix page to receive alerts when they arrive.

Cast Of History Of Swear Words

Nicolas Cage is not the only playing the role in the history of swear words. But, in addition to historians and linguists, comedians Sarah Silverman and Nikki Glaser, film critic Elvis Mitchell, and many more have commented. Although not shown in the trailer, it will also feature Jim Jefferies, Nick Afferman, Baron Vaughn, and Isiah Whitlock Jr., and in case you have seen The Wire, you’ll know the word will be discussed. However now I will not forget it in any way now, even in case the expert is talking about it right away. Call it the “Total Harvest.” I believe that thanks to the internet there are a lot of misconceptions and misconceptions about a lot of immorality.

However there seem to be some real secrets and revelations in this show about the words we shout in anger and victory. I just like the experience which shows that if people are swearing in response to extreme temperatures, they can endure their hand longer in cold ice water. The initial graphic in the trailer is also teasing a dip in the abbreviation for the conical “MILF” referring to both the American Pie and the 30 Rock. Therefore basically, I’m involved in this.