How Does Orthodontic Marketing Work?

You can use social media channels to promote what keeps your orthodontic practice unique, such as strong patient interactions, team culture, and instructional material sharing. Social media platforms are not only a more efficient and cost-effective way to market your orthodontic office, but they also help you attract new patients and convert current ones into brand ambassadors.

The key to using social media to promote your orthodontic practice is creating and sharing instructional content. Everything you say doesn’t have to be educational or exciting, but it should add value to your patients’ lives and try to engage with your practice.

Regardless of the quality of your orthodontic practice, you’re missing out on growth opportunities by not embracing the power of social media marketing. When it comes to online marketing for orthodontists, ignoring social media might be an expensive mistake.

So, you’d like to use social media to promote your orthodontic office. First, determine how many jobs you will complete yourself and how much work you outsource. You can hire a professional or delegate social media duties to a member of your team.

The next step is to highlight which social media platforms are suitable for your practice. Make your social media decisions focused on where your potential patients can view you the best. It is preferable to focus on distributing high-quality content to fewer channels rather than posting low-quality information to all platforms.

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Take A Personal Approach

In posts geared at patients, be kinder and more personable. Instead of talking about them, attempt to communicate with them by sharing interesting content and encouraging patient participation through likes, comments, and shares.

You may set up notifications so that your team can reply to comments and emails from your followers as soon as possible. Keeping your messages and tone consistent across all social media sites is vital.

Make sure you’re not selling in every post. Although it may appear paradoxical, striking a balance between publishing content to promote services and sharing stuff to engage patients is critical. Patients will quit following you if your posts are excessively promotional.

It would be best if you only share helpful, engaging, and entertaining stuff. Also, stay away from submitting boring or contentious information.

Remain Actively Engaged

Make a plan for blogging regularly without affecting your daily routine as you acquire traction. It would help if you published daily or at least thrice a week, depending on the social media networks. Never allow your account to become stagnant or reflect poorly on your practice.

A content calendar can be beneficial to you. Prepare a strategy to meet your social media marketing objectives, and don’t be afraid to get support if you need it. Start with once a week for your content strategy and gradually increase the frequency as you get its knack and see how your material works for your practice.

Social Media Marketing

Understanding which social media site can be used for what reason is crucial to communicating with your patients via social media. For example, your practice’s Facebook page can be utilized to share information about dental hygiene, office holidays, events, and informative links.

On the other side, your LinkedIn profile can be utilized for blogging and marketing purposes. This separation will also make it easier to keep your accounts organized and updated.

However, you should double-check the material you’re sharing with your audience for quality and accuracy. This will guarantee that your patients only receive information that is relevant to them.

Healthcare professionals are using social media in a number of ways to market their services and improve the patient experience.

Facebook Advertisement for Orthodontists

Facebook is the most excessively used social media network and the finest option for social media marketing for your orthodontic office. If you’re only going to concentrate on one channel, make it Facebook. Begin by creating and verifying a business page on Facebook. You can use Facebook Ads to attract prospective patients and regular Facebook posts. Facebook is also a fantastic location to get patient feedback.

Following are the key ideas you can follow to enhance your Facebook marketing strategy.

  • Photographs of your employees, officers, and events are beneficial for connecting your patients
  • Blogs and the latest news are linked
  • Important information regarding your practice.
  • Promotional contests and other activities
  • Hours of operation
  • Dental hygiene advice
  • Patient-friendly resources

Twitter Marketing

Twitter will be a valuable medium for your orthodontic office if you have time for regular updates. Because of its fast-paced nature, Twitter may need more time commitment and, as a result, may be more than it’s worth. If you insist on getting started, pay attention to your patients, industry leaders, and local communities. Learning how to use hashtags can be beneficial.

  • Take part in pertinent discussions and talks
  • Include hyperlinks to blogs and the most recent news
  • Posting content from those you follow that is relevant to you
  • Live-tweet from industry conferences and other events
  • Respond to dental-related inquiries

Orthodontic Marketing with Google+

If you don’t expect to be active on Google+, create a business page. That is because Google+ allows you to maintain various circles of followers, interacting with diverse categories on the same platform. It is very suggested and beneficial to solicit Google feedback from existing patients.

  • Information on the latest technologies
  • Include blogs and news about the industry
  • Add promotional posts and updates regularly
  • If it’s related to your business goals, host hangouts for contests

Instagram Orthodontic Marketing

Instagram is primarily a visual platform, so it may work better if you have an excellent office or unique benefits that can be graphically shared. If you primarily practice orthodontics, you can use Instagram to share photographs that highlight the good aspects of your business and services. Create a business page for your practice and learn how to use local hashtags and tags to get started. Don’t use too many picture filters, and learn how to showcase stunning photographs.

  • Images from your office’s “behind the scenes”
  • Photographs of patients collected in your office should be displayed. However, while posting details or photographs about your patients, you must be extra cautious.
  • Take patients’ before-and-after photos, but only with their permission
  • Promotion of the event