How Much CoQ10 Should You Be Taking?

Are you considering taking CoQ10 supplements and making it part of your daily routine?

We applaud you, as there are so many incredible benefits to taking CoQ10.

Naturally, our body is able to produce a certain amount of CoQ10 on its own and is the main contributor to our bodies and mind feel energized. But as we age, we slowly lose the ability to make as much of it, meaning that we will start to feel less energized the older we get.

However, things like CoQ10 supplements are able to help our bodies get the consistent levels they need. Benefits include improving our heart, lung, and brain functions, as well as keeping us protected against things like diabetes and cancer.

But we need to be careful with the CoQ10 dosage that we give ourselves, as too much of a good thing can turn bad.

<h2> Here are our top tips to consider when figuring out your CoQ10 dosage. </h2>

1. Come up with a plan with your nutritionist or doctor

The medical experts will be able to help you come up with a plan around how much CoQ10 your body needs assistance with getting. There are so many factors to consider when determining the dosage, such as your age, sex, lifestyle, diet, and any underlying health issues you already have. All of our bodies are unique, so the CoQ10 dosage that is right for each person will also differ.

2. Generally, we need a higher percentage of it

Our body needs a lot of CoQ10 to be able to actually get into the mitochondria of our body’s cells. The supplements you should be made to be highly absorbable and formulated so that it is all about quality over quantity when it comes to the amount of dosage in the supplement. The actual dosage levels range in brands, with anywhere from 10mg-1200mg being used, depending on the formula behind it. In many cases, high-quality brands that use 10mg means that the formula is of a high quality that can support your body’s functionality on a much lower amount—and that is a good thing!

3. Plenty of foods have CoQ10 in them too

It is important to also factor in how much CoQ10 you are fuelling your body with from your diet alone. Foods like chicken, trout, spinach, strawberries, lentils, pistachios, and soybean all have CoQ10 naturally in them. The CoQ10 in foods like we just listed are able to be absorbed by the body just as easily as through a supplement. So overall, it really is about balance to determine your right dosage!

4. There are possible side effects of CoQ10

We feel it is important to mention that there are some side effects to be mindful of if you overdo it with your CoQ10 dosage. Side effects like stomach pain, rashes, insomnia, or too low of a blood sugar level can occur. If this starts to happen, check out your dosage and cut in in half to see if your side effects are able to be curbed. And if not, definitely pay a visit to your doctor to figure out a plan on how to fix these problems.

CoQ10 is a great compound that provides vitamin-like benefits to our body when consumed in the correct dosage levels. By providing energy to our cells, we in turn feel better overall and are able to protect ourselves against a range of health issues. The older we get in age, the more aware we should be about our CoQ10 levels and proactive in countering the decline with supplements or dietary changes! CoQ10 can really be life-changing if taken properly!