Top 5 Zero-Waste Fun Activities for Your Family to Do this Summer

Summer is an elixir. It is a gift from nature.  The soothing, calming and pacifying combination of balmy breezes, languid hours of warmth and sunlight, generate enough serotonin within the brain to bring joy to human beings.  Nature is derived from the earth and is constantly giving gifts of food, fresh water, shelter, medicine, nutrients, healthy soil, plant life, seasonal cycles, biodiversity and spiritual comfort.  All of these gifts are freely given in copious amounts. That said, the earth now needs help. 

This summer is the perfect time to fully engage in incredibly entertaining, lively and enjoyable activities that won’t have a negative impact on the environment.  

Making the Summer Positively Impactful 

Having spent an inordinate amount of time inside for many months, this summer has been anticipated with high hopes for new vistas and numerous opportunities to move freely in vast spaces without restriction.  Getting wet in and on the water is a dream to realize now.  Planning is a prudent first step to take in embracing the season sustainably and wholeheartedly. Getting your crew outside in eco-friendly ways, safely, includes making your wheels road ready with full auto insurance coverage, including roadside assistance from Freeway Insurance. This is especially important for those times you end up off the beaten path.

The 5 R Plan is Your Chance to Help the Earth 

For every activity engaged in, find solutions which subtract from your trash creating lifestyle. The average American creates 4.4 pounds of trash a day. With effort and an eco-friendly mindset everyone can reduce this amount and give back to our planet. 

Follow the 5 R’s :

1. Reduce your take-along items when going anywhere to only what you need

2. Refuse to purchase any unnecessary items;  single use, made of plastic or covered in plastic

3. Reuse what you have such as: water bottles, metal straws, coffee mugs, or reusable bag (non-plastic)

4. Recycle what you can’t reused keeping this amount as small as possible

5. Rot and make compost of the trash that is actually organic matter. It will enrich the soil 

Apply the 5 R’s to Your Summer Sun and Fun Schedule, as you get out and fully engage in the real world.

This list of curated suggestions for getting all the feels of a great summer with zero-waste, may tempt you and your crew to immerse yourselves in all of the sensory delights that summer has to offer day after blue-sky day.   

  1. Go Wind Sailing – Hoist a mainsail, unfurl the jib and travel by the power of the wind. The quiet, floating, serenity of this summertime experience allows for all the feels of tranquility, in the free-form style you and your crew have been craving.  Bring organic sunscreen, reusable water bottles and the freshest produce from your farmer’s market, contained in glass storage. 
  2. Hike Where the Wi-Fi is Weak – Research proves that the disconnect felt from time spent in the woodlands and forests is nurturing for the mind and body. Take the path that exists. Take great care to avoid starting a fire. Use a backpack, reusable water bottles, and just enough food to be totally consumed. Think of it as an adventure to be embraced that “leaves no trace” of any negative impact.  The challenge is part of the fun as it achieves a win-win for you and the environment. If you hike in a new environment, you’ll find your new sustainable skillset travels anywhere.
  3. Surf and Hang Ten – It is time to get barreled and catch a perfect wave. The thrill of embracing the power of every wave in a feeble yet valiant attempt to tame a small portion of the ocean, is undeniable. Your crew and other surfers are speaking up to get companies to produce boards and other equipment which does not hurt the oceans. Polyurethane foam and polyester resin boards are filled with toxic co2.  It is working!  Boards, swim clothing, and accessories are now being crafted with eco-friendly blank foam. It is a start, and by refusing to purchase anything harmful, total change will happen.
  4.  Camp – the Forest is Calling – Zero-waste camping is the best kind of camping. You get to sleep in the mysterious woodlands of your choice. The vibe is a total disconnect from your routine. You can chat, laugh, swim, fish and interact in real-time with no distractions. Sleep under a starry sky and cook your breakfast on an eco-friendly camp stove. To add the zero-waste effect, borrow a tent rather than buy one or choose a tent made from recycled materials. Leave behind no waste.
  5. Play Green Disc Golf – This new frisbee-like disc is made from a plant-based product, or reinvented plastic with no crude oil additives. The game is fun and challenging for your entire squad. It takes practice, concentration, wrist action, strategy and you walk a lot! What a fantastic way to be outside all day having the kind of fun that requires skill and intellect to score and win.

With friends and family, plant a tree that you know will complement existing trees which surround it, spread bee-friendly seeds in your yard and gardens. Do all of this with the zero-waste mentality that will replenish the earth and provide endless future summers.

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