How Natural Silver Can Help Kill Germs

We don’t often think about the bacteria growth in our bath towels until we reach for one to use and notice that unwelcome but all too familiar smell of mold and mildew.  That putrid smell is enough to make us go toss the towels into the wash immediately.  If the smell is really bad, we will likely toss some bleach into the wash to “help” clean away the mustiness.  Not only is this time consuming and ineffective (the towels simply collect bacteria the first time we use them), it isn’t very safe for our skin.  Items washed in bleach can be harsh on even the most insensitive of skin types, not to mention the fair, delicate skin of kids and babies. 

If you’re fed up with towels that always smell rotten, constantly need washing, and never seem fresh, we understand, and we have a solution.  Natural silver bath towels not only stay fresh, never smell like mildew or mold, and rarely need washing, they actually prevent the growth of bacteria and kill germs in their tracks.  Here’s how. 

How Does Silver Kill Germs?

The antimicrobial properties of silver (silver’s ability to fight off bacteria) have been known and used for centuries.  In fact, the use of silver in modern medicine dates back to the ancients, who used it for its antiseptic properties on things like cuts and scrapes.  But how does it work? 

Without going into a massive chemistry lesson, it’s pretty simple.  Silver ions are able to damage the cell membranes of bacteria cells.  When the cell membranes of bacteria cells are damaged, the cell dies.  When the cell dies, the bacteria can no longer reproduce, meaning silver not only kills bacteria that already exists, it also prevents its spread.  Additionally, this dead bacteria also serves as a kind of “zombie bacteria” killing off like-kind bacteria when it comes in contact with it because it now contains the silver that originally killed it.  

How is Silver Placed Inside a Bath Towel?

All this silver antiseptic power sounds awesome, but how do we get the benefit of it in a bath towel?  It’s really simple, in fact the process of weaving metals into clothing and textiles actually dates back to ancient times, right along with silver’s antibacterial uses.  But how do we get a metal into a fiber that can be spun into a towel? 

The process involves bundling together several thousand tiny silver filaments in a  protective tube that is later dissolved.  The remaining silver filaments are locked together, forming something like a rope.  Remember, however, that we’re dealing with extremely small, less than thread-width fibers.  These small “ropes” are then spun into fibers that are able to be woven into materials like bath towels and bed linens. 

What are the Benefits of Natural Silver Towels?

All natural silver bath towels are more than just bacteria fighting powerhouses.  The benefits of using silver-infused towels are ways we can keep our family safe and eliminate nuisance type problems dead in their tracks.  Here are just a few of the benefits of natural silver towels. 

·         Elimination of mold/mildew smells.  You won’t have to worry about reaching for your bath towel only to find it smells like it needs a wash.  Natural silver infused bath towels stay fresh for weeks. 

·         Less laundry.  Less odors and bacteria equate to less laundry.  Less laundry equates to more free time, less money spent on detergent, energy, and water, which is better for you and the environment.

·         Less skin irritation.  Did you know that some skin issues can be caused or exacerbated by bacteria-filled towel usage?  Using towels that are bacteria free can dramatically reduce and/or eliminate these issues, and may even be effective in the reduction of acne and breakouts. 

·         Faster drying.  Silver infused towels dry an average of three times faster than normal towels, leaving less time for bacteria to grow when they’ve been hung up to dry after usage. 

·         Long lasting.  Natural silver infused bath towels are long lasting.  In fact, a great set of high quality silver infused towels will last you and your family for years to come.  You can forget shopping for new towels each year or begrudgingly adding them to your holiday wish list; you simply will not need them. 

Normal bath towels can be bacteria growth farms.  Constantly damp and typically stored in warm, dry places, the chance for bacterial growth is exponential.  This results in towels that are smelly, dirty, and in need of washing soon after they’ve been used only one time.  The solution is to use natural silver infused bath towels.  Silver acts as an antibacterial and when woven into bath towels helps eliminate bacteria and prevent it from reproducing.  This results in bath towels that are always fresh, free from harmful bacteria, and require washing much less than normal bath towels.  Silver infused bath towels are the premium solution to keep you, your family, and the environment safe.  

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