How the 2020 NFL Season Begins Amidst Concerns, Questions, and Hopes

With the NFL 2020 season about to begin on time, despite the COVID-19 pandemic lurking, it is good news for the fans. Several players have avoided participating in the NFL 2020 season due to an increased risk of contracting the possible COVID-19 infection. However, the training camp had cleared the athletes, coaches, and support staff with low infection rates. 

The NFL 2020 season would be unlike the seasons before it with the players having relatively limited practice sessions during the summer. Moreover, the exhibition games were also canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

You might have missed a few changes made by the team during the time. Chances are higher about you forgetting about the NFL 2020 season completely. The summer was indeed long, especially with the state of unrest across the world due to the pandemic. 

You would look forward to gaining knowledge about the top teams, roaster changes, their previous accomplishments, draft picks, predictions for 2020, strengths, and weaknesses of specific teams. With a plethora of information available online, you would be skeptical about trusting the right information source. You should go through the 2020 NFL Season Preview to gather adequate knowledge about the top teams and the predictions about this season

You may have several questions about the 2020 NFL season. Let us delve on a few essential questions that you may consider important before the beginning of the NFL season. 

Would the preseason games impinge on the regular season? 

With the NFL season scheduled this month, you would come across NFL football for the first time since the Super Bowl. People would be eager to gain knowledge about the effects of the preseason on the quality of the early games. They would also look forward to knowing about the contribution of rookies in the games early on. Rest assured the elite professionals of the game have enough credit for playing the game despite the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it would be something no one has ever witnessed before. 

How are players gearing up to play in the pandemic? 

The commencing of the NBA has proved to be a boon for the NFL season. Fans are more focused on the game rather than on the COVID-19 pandemic. With no more players tested positive, the league is going good, more than they could have hoped for. Predictions about the NFL are not easy. No one knows how the NFL season is going to go. Despite the encouraging small number of positive tests, it would be a high wire act to make the players adhere to the new rules developed due to the pandemic. The players could find it difficult to battle each other for hours on the field according to the rules. Traveling would be another aspect that most players would find difficult in these times. 

It may be difficult to believe about any disruptions occurring due to a cluster of positive tests for COVID-19 putting the NFL in an impossible position. It is difficult and the first of the NFL season. One can only hope all goes well. 

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