How To Add A Page Number Using GogoPDF For Free!

It may be hard to secure your original work from being imitated, stolen, or used without proper permission with the thousands of individuals accessing the internet these days. It’s inevitable to have someone copy or clone your concepts or ideas. And adding a watermark is one of the best solutions to protect and block anyone from stealing your work.

GogoPDF can fix this particular concern in just a matter of a few clicks. It provides various tools and features that can help transform and save documents into multiple kinds of file formats. Users don’t have to worry about the conversion process as GogoPDF is designed and operated in a streamlined manner and user-friendly interface.

How to Add A Watermark with GogoPDF

Anyone can use the Add watermark to PDF tool without getting charged as every GogoPDF’s functional tool is for free. There are many reasons why most artists and creators get provoked. However, trying to copy to duplicate someone else’s work without proper consent is on top of the list.

Because of this, GogoPDF has an incredible tool that can help these creators and designers secure their work hassle-free and more quickly. Users can even put the text over their PDF file as a watermark in just seconds! Changing the watermark’s typography and visibility as needed and placing an image instead of a text when favored is not an issue.

To do so, choose and drag the PDF file that you want to have a watermark on the designated toolbox. Next, type the text or select an image as a watermark. Once done, choose the position where you want the watermark to be placed. And lastly, apply all the modifications and save the newly converted PDF file into your device.

GogoPDF Guide: Various Tools And Features In A Single Platform

GogoPDF is one of the most efficient and reliable online converter tools on the internet. It not only functions on adding a watermark but can be operated in so many ways. Individuals can always convert PDF files to Word, HTML, PPT, PNG, JPG, PDFA, Excel, and vice versa. Not many web-based converter tools have this specific feature of working the other way around.

GogoPDF also has incredible features like Compressing, Repairing a corrupted file, Putting a password on a PDF, How to unlock documents, Splitting, Merging, Delete pages, Rotate PDF, and many more. Most of these tools have the same conversion process technique, and there are only four simple steps to follow.

Go to GogoPDF’s website and click the converter tool that you wish to use. Next, upload the PDF file into the toolbox. Or, as usual, you can always drag and drop the file for a much simpler method. After uploading, do the required additions on the file and apply all the changes before saving it into your computer.

GogoPDF’s Easy Sharing Feature

One crucial feature of GogoPDF is its means to be shared smoothly. Individuals can send their work to their colleagues or friends trouble-free. There are two options. Via the link and email. If via email, complete the necessary info in the Email tab and press send. If via the connection, copy and paste the shareable link into the desired online platform.

Remarkable Security and Privacy Connection

It’s common to be hesitant and feel unsafe whenever you try to conduct and put something personal and confidential on the internet because of the rise of online criminals. Fortunately, GogoPDF has a unique security system that can manage to help you with this absolute dilemma. GogoPDF has an SSL technology connection.

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer, which is a standard technology connection that double safeguards your internet browser being accessed between two programs. In common words, once you open GogoPDF, this prevents the high chance of malware, viruses, hackers, scammers, and any malicious intent on the web.

On top of that, GogoPDF has a unique security policy in which everything that has been conducted and processed on their website will be permanently removed after 60 minutes. It has a high-quality security level as they take privacy and safety at their maximum and utmost standards. Whatever you convert with GogoPDF, it’s guaranteed safe and secure.


GogoPDF is one of the most functional online converter tools for any of your document-related concerns. Users don’t have to stress themselves trying to look for the most reliable and efficient means to help them with their needs. GogoPDF is always a few clicks on making your work light and quick.