How to Break Free From Spider Veins

Having spider veins in your legs causes many such persons to feel uncomfortable. This is especially so when the affected areas become itchy and painful. Spider veins can also negatively affect your physical appearance by making your legs less attractive. Fortunately, you can get rid of spider veins in Evergreen Park so that you may better enjoy a healthy life and have more attractive legs.

While often dependent on lifestyle, both men and women are at risk of getting spider veins. If your job requires you to stand for extended lengths or to sit for many hours with your legs crossed, you are at risk of developing spider veins.

Symptoms of spider veins

With spider veins, you may not have other symptoms, but you may be concerned with the appearance of web-like veins on your legs. Some individuals do experience some swelling and itching around the affected areas, however.

For some, they may experience tiredness, burning, or tingling in their legs, while their skin can turn brown in color around the ankles. In addition, muscle cramps in the legs are also a problem for some who struggle with spider veins.

Causes of spider veins

Spider veins may be caused by heredity through the passing down of genes from parents. Age can also contribute to spider veins through the weakening of veins as one gets older, while excessive weight tends to place extra stress on veins and can lead to spider veins developing.

Pregnant women are at risk of getting spider veins due to increased blood which can cause stress to the veins. Other medical conditions, like fluid in your abdomen, can also cause spider veins due to increased pressure in your vascular system.

Spider veins diagnosis

When you go in for a diagnosis of spider veins, your doctor may conduct a visual examination or recommend you for ultrasound imaging to help eliminate any possibility of underlying vascular conditions.

Spider veins treatment

After diagnosis, your doctor may discuss the various treatment options available and recommend the one most suitable for you based on your specific condition.


If you are experiencing aching, night cramps, swelling, and burning on your leg, your doctor might recommend sclerotherapy treatment. The treatment is minimally invasive and will treat the related symptoms. 

Sclerotherapy is one of the primary spider vein treatments, and is an outpatient procedure that does not require anaesthesia. The procedure can take fifteen minutes to one hour, depending on your condition. Your doctor will cleanse the affected area and inject the vein with a sclerosant solution using a fine needle. The sclerosant solution ultimately closes the veins lining, causing it to swell, fasten and block blood flow. Your doctor will then give you a sequence of injections based on your particular situation.

After some time, your treated veins will shrink and fade away, allowing your blood to resume normal circulation into your fine veins.

After the procedure

After the sclerotherapy procedure, your doctor will recommend you stand and move your leg to avoid blood clot formation, as doing so enhances your ability to achieve best results. To maintain pressure on your treated veins, your doctor will recommend you wear the bandage for a period of one to three weeks. Avoiding sun exposure on the treated area for two weeks is also advisable.

If you are looking forward to smooth and attractive legs, call or book an appointment online with Vascular Specialists.