How to cure Varicocele with Ayurveda?

Varicocele is the expansion of veins inside the scrotum and is the outcome of imperfectly functioning valves which are generally found in the veins. It may also happen due to flattening or squeezing of the veins by an adjacent structure. These veins are known as Pampiniform plexus.

Signs and indications of Varicocele:

The most common indicator of varicocele includes inflammation of the scrotum, enlargement of the veins and a small growth of mass in the testicles.

You may also feel a tingling sensation in the scrotum. This pain can also be caused due to prolonged standing, and the condition may further get worsened up if proper medication or treatment is not taken. 

Complications and drawbacks of Varicocele:

Infertility is one of the severe issues of varicocele which occurs due to the growth in production of blood in the affected area, which further raises the temperature in testicles, thereby reducing the production of sperm. 

Another such complication is shrinkage of testicles which happens due to an injury in the tubules producing sperm.

An imbalance in the hormone level is also common in male with varicocele. It arises when there is an increased pressure amongst the cells in the affected area, which then leads to expansion of veins.

Ayurvedic herbs and varicocele herbal treatment can be extremely beneficial in controlling and managing these complications and symptoms. These herbs improve the elasticity and power of veins by preventing the situation from getting worsened.

Herbal remedies for varicocele:

You may follow the under mentioned herbal remedies to get relief from this significant problem:-

Varun: it can be used to control the issues effectively and safely. It possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It prevents damage of valves, reduces the pain, and is useful in preventing further development of the problem.

Kachanara: it helps in reducing discomfort, swelling, and pain in the testicles and improves the vigor of the valves.

Punarnava: Punarnava reduces the possibility of complications and other issues. It restores the stability of hormones, enhances sperm count, thereby eradicates infertility. 

Rasana: It can be used for infertility and effective varicocele management. It provides relief from the reason behind varicocele by creating an analgesic effect.

Erand: Erand is used to reduce swelling and get relief from pain. It is a natural antioxidant and acts as a cushion to the damaged valves. 

Bilwa: It improves the fecundity of men with varicocele; stimulates sperm production, improves sperm motility, and improves the problem of varicocele, thus enhancing blood circulation. It averts backflow of bloodline by nourishing the valves.

Varicocele natural cure and remedy:

  • Varicocele therapy in Ayurveda aims to prevent complications’ progress and symptoms of the disease. The treatment includes a set of detox and natural herbs, which has strong healing properties and offers effective pain relief remedy. 
  • Varicocele natural treatment, i.e., use of herbs helps in maintaining equilibrium amongst the three doshas, thereby preventing various complications like infertility.

Thus, men are recommended to use varicocele natural remedies or switch to Ayurveda to alleviate the pain, thereby restricting side effects and other serious health issues.