How to get the best flight experience during international travel 

Your flight trip can be stressful even if you have good weather at your place. The reason behind the same is the cancellation, delays, long queues, and cramped seats. Also, never forget the jet lag you will experience after arriving at your destination. But there are always some tips you can follow to make your trip comfortable with your family or even when you are on a business trip. 

Plan Early

Planning will surely let you avoid the last moment hassle and can make your trip enjoyable.  

When to buy your tickets?

Timing is important while getting a good deal on the fare. 

Tip: For a cost-effective trip, try to book on Tuesday or Saturday. 

Based on research, the load is less on these days, which means cheap tickets. Flying on Friday may make you pay around 20% extra. 

Fares also change as per the destination and whether you are going on a business trip or spending quality time with your family. Business routes mostly don’t change and can be booked three months in advance. However, leisure destinations have initially high fares and then dip before departure. Hence book them one month in advance. 

Tip: Wake up early and take the first flight. 

Later in the daytime, delays can happen in the flight because of weather or mechanics, making your journey tiresome. 

Get the best fare

Thanks to the internet, this has made everyone a travel agent. Surfing the internet to grab a good deal requires some of your time, but your invested time can save good bucks for you. Keep a watch on the fares for a little while and learn what is normal. Look for fares in different seasons and before a couple of weeks and see the difference.  

Tip: Search flights on weekdays 

Airlines know that most leisure travel happens during weekends. Hence mostly, they raise the fare accordingly. On average, $9 is increased on domestic flights, and $10 is increased on international tickets. 

Also, either book early or look for sites devoted to deals for holiday travel, like Christmas, Thanksgiving day, New Year, etc. If you are flexible, plan for days when others usually don’t travel.

Pick the best seat

Having a seat assignment is a good thing, as this will increase your chances of travelling on the expected date. Before booking a seat, your airline will let you know the plane map with available seats.

  • Towards the plane, the front means you will deplane soon.
  • Bulkhead seats are the economy’s front row and contain more legroom.
  • Exit rows imply extra legroom. 

Will the airline offer discounts or perks on credit cards?

Yes. Many companies like Indigo airlines and other international flights have a tie-up with credit card companies. Passengers can avail of discounts by paying booked tickets through that credit card. Most of these cards have an annual fee which can be earned back during ticket booking. Suppose your perks outweigh the card’s annual fee, then it’s better to use the card. Also, such booking allows you early boarding, making the experience a bit better. 


Apart from economy tickets, customer service, delays, and on-time performance are aspects that matter a lot in your convenience equation. No one wants to switch to airlines with a low-cost ticket that has issues of lost baggage, apathetic customer service and constant delays. Fast travel time will make you reach your destination which is loved by most of us. 

Final Takeaway

So, are you ready for a business trip or a leisure trip? If yes, start implementing the above tips to save a lot during your travel. Even through early booking you can get your desired seat and the legroom which is important to make your journey a comfortable one. 

Also, if you don’t use a credit card, then start using it for booking tickets and look for the airlines which provide discounts on the same.

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