How to Get to Arch Glacor

Arch Glacor is a boss monster in the popular online game, RuneScape. It is a formidable opponent that requires skill and strategy to defeat, and is known for its impressive drops, including the sought-after glacor boots. However, before players can battle Arch Glacor, they need to know how to get there. In this article, we will discuss the various methods for getting to Arch Glacor and provide helpful tips to make the journey smoother.

Method 1: Using the Fairy Ring

One of the easiest ways to get to Arch Glacor is by using the Fairy Ring teleportation system. Players must first complete the Fairy Tale II quest to gain access to the Fairy Rings. Once they have done so, they need to enter the code “D-I-P” into the Fairy Ring interface. This will transport them to the Ice Plateau, which is just a short distance away from the entrance to the Glacor Cave.

Method 2: Using a Combat Bracelet

Another way to reach Arch Glacor is by using a Combat Bracelet. This item is obtained by completing the Fist of Guthix mini-game and can be charged with various teleportation spells. To get to Arch Glacor, players must charge their Combat Bracelet with the teleportation spell to the “Warriors’ Guild” and then walk north to the Glacor Cave.

Method 3: Using the Abyss

The Abyss is a dangerous place, but it can be a fast and effective way to reach Arch Glacor. Players must first complete the “Enter the Abyss” mini-quest and then use the Abyss to teleport to the “Ourania Altar.” From there, they can run west to the Glacor Cave. However, players should be aware that using the Abyss comes with certain risks, including the potential for attack by other players or monsters.

Tips for Getting to Arch Glacor

No matter which method players choose, there are several things they can do to make the journey to Arch Glacor easier. One helpful tip is to bring food and potions, as the Glacors in the cave can be difficult to defeat. Players should also be prepared for potential player versus player combat, especially if they are using the Abyss to get to the Glacor Cave. Finally, players should make sure they have the correct equipment and gear for battling Arch, as it is a challenging boss that requires skill and preparation.

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Q: What is Arch Glacr?

A: Arch Glacor is a boss monster in RuneScape that drops the coveted glaco boots.

Q: How do I get to Arch Glaco?

A: There are several methods for getting to Arch Glaco, including using the Fairy Ring, a Combat Bracelet, or the Abyss.

Q: What should I bring with me when trying to get to Arch Glaco?

A: Players should bring food, potions, and appropriate equipment for battling Glacors and Arch Glaco.


Arch Glacor in RuneScape is challenging, but possible with proper preparation and knowledge. Prepare for battle and be cautious of risks when accessing the destination, be it the Fairy Ring, Combat Bracelet, or Abyss. Tips in this article can boost chances of players reaching and beating Arch Glaco.