How To Hide Page On A Website – Instant provides the best services with no delay, no setbacks, and in an organized form to your dealership consumers, partners, or customers.

The UI of digital retail store made from matchless customer insights and data that help car buyers to easily purchase having a user friendly environment.

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Website habituates to match and follow the decided way or path. While nowadays device buyers want to have navigation about the entire procedure of purchase with integrated tools. So, provide the solution to these problems.

Step By Step Procedure To Hide Page On A Website Dashboard

  • Log in to dashboard
  • Now go to that page which you want to hide
  • Moreover, go and search for website you have to hide.
  • The product is may be the vehicle bought in past or website that connects something.
  • However, you have to be very careful when going to block site.
  • Go and tap on link, it will hide the selected page.
  • Select the web page and tap on hide option to disappear.
  • Must save all the changes and you can successfully block website through
  • If you don’t find any hidden page while visiting website then tap ctrl +S by keyboard and the page get opened.
  • This method will help you in finding the hidden link.

What Do You Know About Website?

Cox Automotive Data helps in enabling the formation of engaging and customized experiences in digital marketing with proprietary technology.

It provides matchless partnership with trained experts. Increase profits having higher leading conversion rate of 216%. Help buyers with personalized shopping experiences digitally that give more traffic or client reach.

Features Of Website: include some features which are as follows:

  • Connected with SEO services
  • Involves technology of automated personalization
  • ADA compliance monitoring
  • Online consultation with performance manager
  • Provide Digital Retail Store for purchasing and engaging customers of electric vehicles.
  • Improving sales and more focused on quality material
  • Buying guide experience help people to understand entire method
  • Add more browsers as buyers
  • Allow buyers to begin deal at online setup, give application for credit confirmation and upload the required documents on remote access.

Advertising Optimization By Website:

You find experts in every field, and new proprietary technology, and matchless data provide you with a way to optimize marketing easily. provide advertising factors for paid and also show the way to connect video and other. Help buyers for dealerships with compatible and positive reviews online.

The Reputation Management and Review Generation Services boost organic search rankings by gathering reviews, monitoring reviews, and managing responses.

Provide high level customer reviews or experiences that help in getting unrivaled customer data over all departments and enjoy shopping. People Support:

Nowadays, car buyers come up with amazing challenges to deal with. As new technology entered, which provides an amazing opportunity for dealers by providing twice the customer segments that need new devices.

Dealers believe in providing an instinctive and attainable way by giving a determined and enchanting experience having incredible features.

Having Carousel Slideshows In Websites

It is possible to add carousel slider in website. This is an incredible method to display various product images with information in limited place. Customers, browsers really love the slider because of ease and simple method to see all product images by scrolling instead of clicking on each image.

Steps to add a carousel slider which are as follows:

Tap on Add on option and choose Carousel slider using menu.

Press on slideshow button for adding media icon in listing screen or page for vehicle.

Tap on red X in product images which you don’t need to add in carousel slider.

Click product images that you want to have in carousel slider and press on creating new Carousel. Now check the listing and you will find the latest image in carousel slider by scrolling towards right.

Change The Banner Image On Websites:

It will easy to add up or change banner images in websites. A good way to point out promotions, vehicles or website updates. Now, read the steps to change banner image which are as follows:

  • Keep hovering on that image you want to change or replace. Beside it, 3 dot menu appears.
  • Tap on menu bar 3 dots and choose image to change.
  • Press the image for use and tap on to save changes.
  • is a user friendly webpage.
  • Excellent customer support group or team
  • also helps in case if you have no any knowledge of information of coding.
  • You can make or format the fully functional website for working.
  • A lot of customization of website is not possible to do on
  • However, if you have programming skills then you don’t need
  • Various customers face problems having Cox Automotive connection.

Conclusion: is the beat web generating platform to make websites with amazing UI and get information from buyers that helps in making fully functional dealership websites and give user friendly UI.

You have also the option to add carousel view and hide unwanted page from websites to make in engaging for providing customized contents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can need several minutes to hide the social media icons on Now follow the steps below:

  1. Open and by sign in or log in enter to dashboard.
  2. Press on settings page.
  3. Now, move and press on social media choice options.
  4. Then, you can easily choose icons you want to show on webpage or not.

As, offers various advertising and marketing strategies that’s why it has different pricing costs. Whereas, for domain purchase or registration cost about $1,999 when you first register domain while it will charge almost $2,499 per year for second time.