How to increase sales with content marketing?

Over the last few years, the effectiveness of direct advertising has decreased several times, and now to attract attention and convince the audience of your offer it’s important to pack value into quality content and form long-lasting relationships. Through content, you convey your style and add personalization, that’s what identifies and differentiates you from the competitors. So, people invest a lot of time, effort, and money in this direction. In this article, we look at effective content marketing tools to increase sales and take your business to the next level.

How to write sales texts?

There are two categories of selling texts: those that directly motivate people to buy, for example, a post, a landing page, a text for advertising, and those that sell indirectly and can be in the format of useful instruction, a checklist, an interview. There are several rules that help to increase the effectiveness of your texts. 

First, attract attention to your text with a catchy headline or an intriguing first sentence. On social media, you can keep the audience’s attention with the popularity of your posts and high involvement in your content. That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs buy real Instagram followers and other activity metrics to emphasize authority and confirm that people trust them.

Secondly, to arouse users’ interest, offer a solution to a specific problem or an opportunity to improve the current situation. For this, it is worth understanding the portrait of your target audience, its key tasks, problems, and pains.

Thirdly, broadcast your personal experience. When people identify themselves and you by certain values, they will trust your brand more and make a buying decision faster.

Finally, use humor, so the person gets a pleasant emotion from your text and relaxes. This element allows you to turn an instructive tone into an easy-to-perceive and friendly one.

How to influence the audience with psychological triggers?

Triggers are psychological tricks with which information penetrates without barriers in any consciousness and provokes to perform the target action: to buy, to call, to leave a request, etc.

The most popular trigger is social proof. People make decisions based on the choice of the majority, so it is important to publish successful cases, clients’ feedback that confirm the positive experience of working with you. In social networks, this trigger can be created quickly with high statistics. So, in the first stages of promotion it is effective to buy Instagram followers, TikTok views, Facebook likes, etc. In this way, you will create the effect of popularity and demand.

The next trigger is reciprocal gratitude when you give more than people expected and as a result, they want to give back something in return. Any free webinar is designed to use this trigger. In case, you have been able to impress the person, give him a value, an opportunity to think about something differently, then he has a desire to buy. Another example of a mutual gratitude trigger is a lead magnet. People become more loyal to your brand, it is easier to involve them and sell when you have given them some value beforehand. 

Another effective trigger is the involvement in possession. Nowadays, in digital products, people have an opportunity to use a free trial period. When people part with a subject, they have temporarily owned, their brain registers stress. So, when a person tests a product, the likelihood that he will buy radically increases.

Webinars as an effective channel to increase sales

Today webinar is one of the most effective methods to increase brand awareness, emphasize the key characteristics of the product and increase sales. There are interactive and auto webinars. Interactive webinars allow you to answer questions from the audience in a live chat during a live broadcast. Such a format creates the effect of live participation and shows the best sales conversion. Its disadvantage is the need to go live every time you want to launch the next sale. People use auto webinars to automate sales and generate income in the long term without personal participation.

To conduct a successful webinar it’s necessary to develop certain skills. You need rhetoric, that will allow you to choose the right words. Oratory will help you pronounce your speech properly. It’s worth developing speech thinking, the ability to think while speaking, and argumentation to be able to find convincing facts and build them in an understandable chain.

There are a few recommendations that will raise the effectiveness of your selling webinar.

From the first seconds, it is important to gain trust with a smile, behavior, manners, and frankness. If you set the right tone for the conversation, the chat will explode with activity and then you can show your expertise. Give maximum benefit and novelty, provide an expert presentation in a simple, understandable way, vary the depth of immersion in the topic: say simple obvious things, then reveal more complex concepts. 

Do not save on technology, ensure good sound and video quality. Count on the fact that part of the audience listens to the webinar in the car or during sports.

To sum up, content marketing is a powerful tool for influencing and interacting with potential customers. The main goal of this strategy is to create trusting relationships that, in the long term, turn into high-conversion sales.