How To Make A Living Generating And Selling FIFA Coins


What I love about FIFA coins is the fact that you have to work your way through them, just as you would, if you’re working for cash.

As a FIFA fan, chances are that you knew enough about FIFA coins, and have probably needed to use them at one point or the other.

There are tons of FIFA coins being spent on the exchange market to secure new players for team builders, and when you participate in challenges, you’d equally be rewarded with some.

The coins that are rewarded to you through the challenges or gameplays are hardly enough for you to consider going for the best players out there for your team, and irrespective of how many matches you play, those coins will always be limiting.

To overcome these limitations, some players choose to go for squad building challenges called SBCs, but unfortunate enough, the players you get rewarded with, through SBCs aren’t tradable, so you can only build your squads using those.

Moreover, completing challenges before you can get good players for your ultimate team, also for the time and effort required, can be so daunting, this is why many players prefer trading through the exchange market.

Trading FIFA Coins for Cash

Another reason why players will always prefer FIFA coins is not only the ability to purchase their desired cards and by trading with them, but also the hidden possibility that can help you trade them for real cash.

Let’s put it this way; you have about 200k Coins that you’d rather exchange for real money than to buy cards with them, you can trade them outside of FIFA in exchange for money, and fortunately, many platforms offer this as a service.

 Different platforms work in different ways; some will hook you up with buyers, while others would buy your coins and pay you instantly while more will pay after they get your coins sold out. 

How Much are FIFA Coins Worth?

The worthiness of your FIFA coins within a particular trading platform depends on the market value, which is driven by the supply and demand factors.

Therefore, checking how others place their offers will help you decide yours, and making others bid for your coins will help you decide the best price by selling to the highest bidder.

If you choose to sell your coins to other players, you may be able to sell one million coins for about $1000. So, if you can make up to that a week as a professional trader, then we’ll be looking roughly at $3000 to $4000 a month.

Most importantly, you should note that the value of your FIFA coins is higher at the beginning of the New Year season, and its value diminishes as the year runs out to the point where your coins are useless when the new version is released.

Final Thoughts

There are various platforms you can trade your FIFA coins on; Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are great places to source for FIFA coin buyers. However, you need to exercise caution while selling your coins to anyone.

If you are more serious about trading FIFA coins for real cash, to the point that you’d like to earn a living out of it, then you should check out

FUTMillionaire is a FIFA trading platform that offers all you need to succeed while trading on FIFA, and automated trading is their stronghold.