How to Make Money as a Food Blogger?

Turn your passion as profession! In India, food blogging is quite trending these days as one can discover numerous food blogs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on.

Many people have their own food blogs but not everyone of them isable to monetize it. People think that creating a blog will help them in earning money; however, that’s not true! passive income as a blogger.

Somebody rightly said, ‘content is king’. In order to get a good amount of money, you need to create something trending in order to get enough traffic to the website and next challenge is to retain them.

What is Food Blogging?

If you love cooking and know how to prepare different varieties of food and desire to feature your cooking talent to the whole world, at that point, you can begin with a food blog. This way you can easily share all the recipes of the food through your site.

In India, women are said as perfect in cooking different dishes and no doubt, they are daily preparing these for their family members. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that there’s a high demand of recipes online.

So, with the help of food blogging, one can easily educate people who don’t know how to prepare food and can also get recipes to make food- restaurant style.

This article highlights how one can earn money being a food blogger.

  1. Google AdSense

It’s an advertising program by which one can run advertisements on their website and earn decent money when users simply click those ads. If you have a new website or recently started a food blog, then it’s an effective way to earn money and this is the reason, it’s quite popular.

Below given are some pros of Google AdSense:

  • You can easily monetize your blog even if you have started recently.
  • There are numerous ad options that you can choose and can tailor them as per your needs and desires.
  • It’s possible to run advertisements on various websites from a single AdSense account.
  • One can also run advertisements on Smart Phones as well as RSS feeds.

Note: Remember not to click on the advertisements shown on the site. Also, be aware that your friends should not click on these ads too. On the off chance, if Google perceives any counterfeit advertisement clicks, you might lose a decent source of income.

  • Selling eBooks

This is another method by which the majority of food bloggers earn money. If you love cooking delicious meals, then you can easily create an eBook sharing recipes of your food and can sell it from your food blog.

If done in a proper way, it can help you earn a decent amount of cash. Moreover, you can sell your eBook on Amazon as well and can increase your income.

Let’s have a look at some pros of eBooks:

  • It’s quite an affordable option that anyone can afford.
  • It can increase your reliability in the marketplace.
  • Food Photography

Taking photos of food is the hobby of many people and is quite an effective means to earn money these days. In order to take good photos, there’s no need to buy a DSLR which is quite expensive. You can click clear photos of the food from a smartphone too and can easily sell these to stock photography websites.

The earnings through food blogs totally rely on the site’s traffic. More clients visiting your site implies more earnings, brand awareness as well as achievement for your site.

Here we have jotted down few tips to help you get more users to the site:

  • Start Building an Email List

Over 75% of users who visit the food blog site won’t return again. Confused? There’s no issue with your site, it’s only that there’s a lot of content on the web.

This is where email marketing comes into play. It enables you to attract those clients as followers, so you can easily reach them by means of email and can bring those users back to the site.

  • Create a YouTube Channel

When it’s about food then we all know videos are more appealing as compared to text. YouTube is the biggest video sharing site and the biggest Internet searcher too. YouTube channel will not only enable a blogger to add detail video recipes to the blog;however, it additionally help bloggers to look for new clients.

Your food blog is totally your own space and you have the right to design and include the content in your own way. There are many great food bloggers who, no doubt, earn more as compared to their regular jobs. In this modern era of digital world, one can make good money through their food blog.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and it helped you in knowing more about the ways to earn money being a food blogger. Initially, you may find it difficult to earn money from your foodblog;however, you can easily boost your income by following a proper strategy.

The motive for writing this article is to make you aware about the scope of earnings apart from 9 to 6 job and making money as a food blogger. If you have any questions in your mind do post your query in the comments section below!