How to Safely Dispose of Office Waste

Everyone who’s already done a furniture removal and cleanout of his own home is not looking forward to an office waste disposal. Office furniture has a different construction grade – which makes it harder to remove and dispose of. Are your knees shaking already? There’s no need for that. Even for the most daunting tasks there always is a solution – such as a professional service.

Don’t Throw it Into The Dumpster

Disposing shredded paper and other daily waste in a dumpster is completely fine. Just make sure to properly shred the documents accordingly. Whoever finds documents in your dumpster could cause some harm with it. Thus, it’s best to always shred it. It’s a boring task, but maybe you’ve got a trainee who could take care of that task. Alternatively, your staff could take turns spending some time shredding documents. At best, your staff is doing the shredding of documents that are no longer needed right away. It saves time and makes sure no one could use them for criminal acts.

However, any other waste in your office can’t be disposed of in the regular dumpster. IT equipment requires special disposal with experts since it contains toxic materials. Each item has to be taken apart bit by bit for further disposal procedures. Fortunately, recycling centers are specializing in E-waste. If you can’t find one in your area, contact a professional removal service that takes E-waste. Not all of them do. Before you hand over your E-waste make sure that all hard drives are wiped clean. Do not leave any data on your hard drives. Remember, modern copy machines also have a hard drive. If you just let it go without erasing all data on the hard drive first, it could as well be used for criminal acts.

Try To Sell Your Equipment

Any item that’s still good to use is perfect to put up for sale. From IT equipment to office furniture – everything can be sold. With selling your office stuff, the question about how to remove it is off your hands – and you add some bucks to your budget.

  • Offer your equipment to employees first. There’s certainly at least one who wouldn’t mind taking the old printer off your hands. They could make further use of it at home in their own home office or maybe their children could need it for school and college. The same applies to your office furniture. Desks and chairs are fantastic for your staff to take home.
  • Networks are specializing in selling used office furniture and further equipment. More than enough startups keep popping up all over the place and they also need some furniture. Startups usually don’t have a huge budget to spend on new equipment. Offer your furniture that’s no longer needed and give them a hand at establishing themselves.

Even Office Furniture Can Go Towards Donations

If you’ve done at least one furniture removal of your own property, you most likely know charities take furniture. Charities don’t only take furniture from homes, such as an old couch or cabinets. They also take office furniture as well as IT equipment. Keep in mind, they basically have no funds since all of their funds end up with their cause. Contacting a charity would be one way to go. You could as well contact schools and open colleges if they’d require some new desks and chairs. 

Donating to a good cause or a local education institution you’re not only collecting some karma points. Get the local paper to report about your donation and turn it into an event. Offer homemade food and lemonade you could sell to collect funds for the school or charity. It will brush up your reputation and since people learn about you and your business, you attract more customers! That’s a win-win for you with as little effort as just making some calls. 

The only question that remains is how does your unwanted office stuff get to the charity or school. Maybe one of your employees can help out with a van, but there’s still the task of office furniture removal in itself. You can’t disassemble it like a regular furniture item. It might be best to ask a professional office furniture removal service for assistance. Since your equipment goes to a charity, they might even do it for free. 

Hire Furniture Removal Experts From The Start

Considering the huge task of office furniture removal, contacting a professional service could be the best way to go.

A furniture removal, be it from residential or business properties is usually based on the volume of what you need to let go of. The less stuff you have for the experts to haul out, the cheaper your endeavor will be. Don’t forget to collect estimates to grab the best offer that suits your needs. Just make sure the estimate contains all fees and doesn’t accept unlicensed or uninsured services. Should anything go South during furniture removal, insurance can compensate for any damages and damages. 

Most furniture removal services attempt to put as little waste into landfills as possible. Thus, pretty much each of them has partnered with a charity to donate as much as they can. Whatever they can’t donate they make sure to recycle. Thus, you can do your part of keeping the environment clean. You can rest assured, everything else will be disposed of responsibly. And who doesn’t love the service of a free clean-up after the removal? You don’t have to ask your cleaning service to come around or let your staff do it.

Parting Words On Office Furniture Removal

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and make your office as new as you remember it. Just make sure to do your proper research before vomiting yourself to a bigger headache than expected

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