How to Skip Reality and Entertain Yourself During the Pandemic

The outspread of the contagious disease has forced us to adhere to the government’s plea for social distancing and quarantine and made us prisoners in our own house. Sitting in your houses with nothing to stare at but walls with chipped cream paint can be excruciatingly dull and aimless too. 

We often drift to an unpleasant daydream or maybe a paranoid fantasy, who cares. So much time has passed that we can’t entertain ourselves with optimism now. With the rumor that Covid-19 is not going anywhere soon and is expected to be here at least till the end of the current year, there’s a mass hysteria that is making everyone’s monotonous life unbearable and unwittingly affecting the community’s mental health. However, anyone who is complying with the government’s rules and regulations is a hero, and heroes don’t give up. 

Boredom is nothing but an invitation for the mind to engage, to self-soak into a moment, and to see the beauty and admire the complexity in the minute subtlety life offers. So, allow your thoughts to flow without restriction, find new paths to run that can free you from this cage of ambiguity and anxiety being in the same place for months. That’s how you can put an end to boredom. 

Although you can watch a plethora of movies and shows on Spectrum Cable TV, mingle with your family, all of these activities seem pointless after a time and they cannot fill that void anymore. However, you may not always feel empty because you are depressed or bored, it’s just because of your peace, your enthusiasm, and your happiness is a pleasing weight that you like to carry around. But when poignancy envelopes you the weight drops, manifesting an illusion that you’re empty. 

You are never empty, you are never bored, it’s just bad thoughts and when you engage in something that turns your frustration and boredom to exhilaration, your brain thrives on this energy, and a healthier mind results in contentment and tranquility in your life. 

Here is a list of things that will teleport you into a haven full of limitless fun and enjoyment until this pandemic ends.

Indoor sports

This is for the athletes who are used to training hours for their physical fitness and find peace in sports. This is for people who used to play sports in their high school life and for people who want to be active through this isolation period. 

Indoor sports are a great way to keep yourself busy. It is a great activity that can affect your brain and body positively. Indoor sports can range from activities like swimming, stick football, board games, and a scavenger hunt. If you are a fitness freak you can also do your lightweight exercises, skip rope, and even do yoga. 

These indoor sports will also improve your creativity, which has been rusty. If done with heart it can give birth to a sense of accomplishment that leads the brain to produce oxytocin and dopamine that create a sense of exuberance and can make your house a little breathable place to live. 

Card games and board games even though not traditional sports, can be equally helpful. Most importantly, playing them at your own place can evoke a feeling of comfort that holds paramount importance in these social isolation times.


As a 10-year-old, everybody has had a dream profession. Even though the circumstances and the paths you took and or are planning to take isn’t viable with respect to the fulfillment of your wish, you can still know about how an astronaut’s train or how you become a dentist or the procedures for being one. 

Reading is the foundation of your creativity if you can’t wonder about something that is the courtesy of your lack of knowledge. So, get your spectacles on, get a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, sit by the plants, and start reading. You will be astonished to see unlimited possibilities good content can lead you to. 

An old article can evoke the feeling of nostalgia and make you think about your past, a romantic novel can gush endorphins “the hormones of love” into your blood system, a mystery solver article can entice you to gaze intently for hours and you only sigh in peace when you get the mystery and how was it solved.

The most positive effect of reading is that you can learn about new skills that can make you more competitive and competent for jobs. Maybe you can learn a skill that helps you earn extra bucks while you’re at home getting bored and you can plan for a vacation once this virus is wiped off. 

Binge-watch traditions

The most entertaining way of watching shows is watching with your loved ones. Don’t miss this opportunity of enjoying the latest action-packed thrillers with the assistance of Spectrum TV stream service. Even if you and your loved ones are far away, you can start at the same time and you can even video call so that you won’t miss out on their emotions too. Netflix has come up with an extension called Netflix party that lets you watch content together with anyone you want to.  

Explore new genres, different genres that you haven’t touched before. Get the essentials like popcorn, some wine and wear your comfy pajamas, sit back and relax for some swashbuckling thrillers or awe-striking romantic comedies that can keep you entertained and take your mind off the entire pandemic thing.


For some people, music is the gateway to a place where they are free of all stumbling blocks in their life. Music is therapy whatever genre it is; the music itself and the lyrics together can have a very powerful impact on your mood. 

To get in a good mood and to flee from this bubble of paranoia and uncertain negatives stressors and emotions, we advise you to go for pop music or maybe R&B. The soft music and the delicacy of the voice of its singers have a tendency to elevate your mood. Musical superstars like Taylor Swift with her album “Reputation”, Drake’s music of different genres with a soulful sound and funky and groovy beats of J Balvin is all you need to get your day started or end it with a blast. Music also improves cognition, eases pain, and lessens anxiety. 

As some say, music is a safe kind of high. Apart from listening you can also record songs if you like singing or rapping. You can look out for areas where you are potentially weak and can improve that. You can release songs to get public feedback and this activity will get you interacting and mingling with others, which can prove to be very good these days. 

Moreover, you can learn to master music software like “FL Studio” or learn to play any instruments like piano and guitar. Since playing guitar is the new black, you can give it a try. Thanks to many helpful videos on YouTube, you can learn to play it. What’s it there to lose? If you can’t, you pretend that this never happened.


Appreciation and acknowledgment of art require artistic eyes and a grasp of understanding the hidden meanings that cannot be explained in words. Planning to choose art as a pathway is something that can take your useless hours and turn them into a portrait that is splendid and is a great way to express emotions. 

Try redesigning your house or your room so that when you sleep at night you can notice changes in your room and your mind rather than going haywire and wreaking havoc late night, it can blanket you with a wave of ease and happiness. Learn how to paint, watch online videos, and learn through them. Express yourself through different forms of art: sketching, painting, abstract art, oil painting, pencil work, sand art, collage work the list goes on. 

Learn new ways to express yourself; you can even learn embroidery, knitting, cooking those are forms of art too, and can consume you for hours. Just like painting, these activities are full of colors as well. Maybe make a tapestry for your mum? Or even for your own room that you can proudly show to your friends once the lockdown is over. Put that creative brain to work and spread happiness within yourself and to those around you.  

In short..

These times are hard and we will get through this. Whether you want to come out as someone suffering from mental disorders or come out as a happy person, feeling blessed about a new day without any restriction or distancing, is up to you. 

Engage yourself not only to pass your time but to enjoy it and appreciate it. Every day is an opportunity ready to be captured, so stay inside as heroes and do what heroes do best but with a little change. Fight the crime but this time that crime is your own monotonous timetable and your lurking anxiety present due to ambiguity. We have and we will get through this just stay focused and entertained.