How to Spot a Fake Review?

There are 3 main reasons why some owners use fake reviews. The first one is to beat their competition by placing above them the rankings, the second reason is that they want to remove the bad rating they have at the moment and the last one is to jump-start their project with nice feedback. None of these have a great explanation why you should try it because the disadvantages can be huge.

As a business owner or individual, you would want to figure out if someone is using these services because they might be applied to the products you want to buy. It’s very misleading and it can be counterproductive which can cost you additional fees. For example, the software that you want to get can have fewer features and a lot of bugs you didn’t know about.

It’s very reasonable for a person to choose something based on the rating. So, these mistakes happen on a daily basis and it’s up to you to see the difference between fake and real. The first thing to mention is the types of reviews you can have for a certain service or product.

Types of Feedback

You can write a review, place a comment, and provide feedback for a certain service that you used or tried. These 3 are related but with small differences. They can be written by a customer or a professional whose job is to analyze what the vendor has to offer. You can visit Truely for reference.

Each type matters when it comes to rating but reviews are considered as longer texts that are going in-depth to figure out if something is worth it or not. Feedbacks can be considered as comments provided by the client or customer about the item they tried or bought. It’s crucial to know the differences but also to realize that each one has a vital role in deciding who’s going to be on top of the list.

Comments are usually what will be faked because they are the easiest to do and agencies can manage them in bulk orders. It takes much more time and effort to write articles to promote something that isn’t actually that good. So, most people turn to Google reviews and other websites and get the service for a relatively cheap price.

Check How They Are Written

The first thing you can check is the way they are written, with odd formatting or in all capitals. Everything depends on the service provider and what type of program they use. Most of them will be one or two sentences long with poor explanations and generic references.

You can say that each comment can be applied to any type of product or service. For example, they will just say how good it is without explaining what they like exactly about it. If it’s done by a program, it may have some typos.

Reviewer Details

Some platforms don’t have this option, but you would want to click on the reviewer and check their history. The number of comments and 5-star ratings is two main indicators something is wrong. Maybe you like to leave feedback but these accounts usually have hundreds or thousands of 5-star ratings.

Someone real will have more information about them and a score between 1 and 5. If the platform you visit doesn’t have this option, try to find generic and repetitive names. They are most likely to make a lot of accounts but the names will repeat a few times.

Check Similar Products

One of the best tips is to check their competition and how many ratings they have. Someone who is beating their competitors will have more comments but the number shouldn’t be too big. This is the mistake some people make when buying fake evaluations. If the product you are looking at isn’t the best, it shouldn’t have too many people commenting on it.

This is harder to notice for vendors that are not that popular. The number isn’t the only thing you should focus on but also on the things people write. Sometimes you will be able to see the difference between fake and real.

Read the Reviews

If you have the whole text, carefully read it and check how much they are talking positively about it. They should analyze the advantages a certain service has and what is good about it but they shouldn’t start selling it to you. You can see this at websites that are affiliated with the vendor and will earn a percentage for everyone who buys the product through their website.

It’s very easy to notice this when they are talking about something that isn’t well-known. Also, if it’s something like kitchen equipment or calculator app, you can’t talk about it like it’s something unbelievable. So, always consider the websites that are looking at pros and cons instead of looking only at the advantages of a certain product.

Check for Patterns

You will rarely find someone that bought 10 or fewer fake feedbacks so it’s usually around 100. When you have so many comments there should be a pattern that you can follow. For example, they will use the same sentences and it will always be a 5-star rating.

Patterns can also be the names or tens of positive comments in a row in a short period of time. This means that from the time they order, they got a bunch of reviews in a short time which isn’t common for a new product or unpopular service.

Prevent the Issue

The best way to figure out if something is false is to prevent it from happening. You can do this by finding a platform that has a great reputation and can’t be influenced by the manufacturers. There are plenty more websites that sell their reviews so you can find only a few that are legitimate.

They should be working for the customer and make it easier for them to find the service they want. These websites will rarely have a vendor that has 5 stars so that can be one of the indications they are doing a good job.

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