How Ultrashape Power Can Redefine Your Contours to Have That Perfect Body

You have tried everything in your quest to lose fat and nothing seems to work. You have worked out, changed your diet, and even tried the hyped fad diets, but you still cannot lose that stubborn fat. Nevertheless, did you know there is a procedure called UltraShape power offered by Dr. Bonnie Wang in Sarasota that works like a charm when it comes to body contouring? The technique is non-invasive and the best way to get rid of stubborn fats permanently.

Why chose UltraShape Power?

Stubborn fats can defy extreme exercise and even a change in your diet. Certain fats make your body look uneven. UltraShape Power is a technique approved by the FDA that helps you maintain the desired shape that fits your beauty goals. The method destroys fats in your abdomen and the thighs to give your body a flattering look. With the method, you also avoid surgery and its potential risks. Additionally, you can begin to enjoy the gym rather than loathe it and enjoy that cookie now and again.

What principle does UltraShape power use?

The treatment works on a simple principle, which is the number of cells in your body. Usually, your body has a fixed number of fat cells; these cells shrink when you lose weight and become bigger when you gain weight. UltraShape power destroys some cells while allowing your other cells, such as the blood vessels, skin cells, and organ cells, to remain unharmed, which means you lose weight with minimum damage done to your body. Since your body has the same number of cells, the ones destroyed will never regrow, meaning that UltraShape technology is a long-term solution.

What do you expect in an UltraShape power session?

The procedure begins with a rub on your stomach with a special gel. The gel also goes to other areas that need fat reduction. Your doctor will then take the UltraShape power device and pass it over the areas with stubborn fats. You will notice many vibrations with little to no pain during the whole process. The entire procedure is about 30 minutes and you can go back to work soon after the procedure. Although this technique is painless and has little to no side effects, you should prepare to have light bruising from the rapid vibrations, which will recede after a couple of days. 

Who can have UltraShape Power Treatment?

The treatment is for fit people with stubborn fats. The recommended people for the procedure must have a BMI of 30 or below. However, if you do not meet the requirements, you can talk to a Re3 Healing Aesthetics and Wellness expert for other recommendations and alternative ways the technology can help you.

Stubborn fats can be the reason you are not accomplishing your beauty goals. Exercise and diets do little to solve the situation when you have stubborn fats. That is where UltraShape comes in; it destroys the fat cells permanently. Reach Re3 Healing Aesthetics and Wellness via a call to begin your treatment or book your appointment online.