Ibuumerang: Is Ibuumerang A Scam Legit Travel?

One question everyone wants to know is whether iBuumerang is a scam or not? So don’t worry, we will answer this question in this article. We don’t want to spend our money and time just to learn later that it is not legal and that it is in danger of being shut down.

I’m going to go into details about the company, product, and the compensation plan to see if they have everything that they comply with the law.

What Is Ibuumerang?

iBuumerang is a multi-level marketing company, which provides up to 70% travel discounts, accommodation and other travel-related services through a search engine called iGo. iBuumerang was originally named Countdown Freedom but was later renamed iBuumerang.

But, this discount was only available to people from iBuumerang Brazil. Means, the people needed to pay to get a discount. People of IBuumerang had access to discounts and made money by recruiting new people to travel clubs.

iBuumerang is an MLM company that means you can make money with them in various ways. The two main ways are actually selling services to various people and hiring people to sell services – the second is much more profitable than Chron.

Ibuumerang How It Works? 

IBuumerang was organized through multi-level marketing, with its affiliates and partners being rewarded for sales from referrals.

We know that multi-level marketing is one of strategies to cover the financial pyramid in Brazil. iBuumerang is not safe to be a pyramid because it does not provide investment services.

Other companies involved in the same sector WorldVenture targeted Brazilians with the same model of iBuumerang business.

The company promised money if: 

  • If anyone refers new clients the services of iBuumerang company 
  • If new team members were signing new services
  • By recruiting people to travel clubs

Note that iBuumerang focused on associate new members, who paid about $ 49.95 monthly to become an affiliate member of iBuumerang.

What’s The Cost To Join Ibuumerang?

The minimum cost to join iBuumerang is $49.95 monthly to become a part of iBuumerang. Now, you can buy global packages offered by the company that give commission benefits.

This is a list of global packages offered by the company.

  • Coach Class Package – The cost of this package is $250 and then $49.95 monthly.
  • Business Class Package – The cost of this package is $500 and then $99 monthly.
  • First-Class Package – The cost of this package is $1000 and then $99 monthly.

The difference will be the commissions you will earn that means that the higher the price, the more commissions you will be able to earn. The next section of the review will answer this important question that people are asking.

Is Ibuumerang A Scam Or A Legit?

IBuumerang is not a scam, and there are the following reasons.

  • iBuumerang provides a great retail service
  • iBuumerang has a great management team.
  • iBuumerang provides a best and fair compensation plan.