Inpage Download- Free Software for Urdu Content Writing

For writing in different languages on the pc, the well-known software is the Inpage. It is the word processor through which you can write individual languages, especially Urdu, English, Arabic, etc. With the inpage download, users can avail lots of extra features that provide advancement in your documents.

Over time, technology has advanced in numerous fields, especially in developing individual software with magnetic components. Now users can select software of their own choice for giving their unique work touch.

This software is specially created for writing the various languages with effective results. Through the inpage, you can develop different pages of your selected language. Moreover, it added images and photos to make your document page attractive.

Not all this. It is software that supports enhancing the manual calligraphy more Fidel as compared to other Urdu software. Furthermore, this high-quality software is impressive in typing a bunch of languages, especially Urdu with the latest versions.

What is the inpage? 

The page layout or word processor is used to create pages of different languages for specific documents. It was introduced firstly in 1994 with the languages like Arabic, Urdu, Persian, etc. Through this software, users can develop e various files in the Urdu language using the Arabic content Nasta’liq.

Inpage download filehippo is software that is used for working on pc. This page is easy to understand with a lot of elements. Moreover, it meets all the requirements of users. It is an exclusive tool that enables you to create documents with more advanced features and configurations.

It makes your creation of pages while utilizing different languages. In other words, inpage free download is the multi-language software that creates ease for millions of users. In addition, you can use it for creating your post on social media groups in a more effective way.

It is because inpage Urdu software free download contains many options you can print with the creation of individual images. Many image tools are included in this software like adjustment, rotating, preview image, etc.Overall its latest version is multi-functional with fast, effective results and compatible with all pc versions.


It contains many new kinds of components that support creating multi-language pages with an exclusive style. This software has high quality compared to the previous versions like QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign English graphic program.

Let’s now proceed to the features of the inpage application for the pc window.

  • The first and foremost important element is that it is easy to understand.
  • It contains a simple font with ample space on the screen. A maximum of 60 fonts is added in the inpage 2021 that you can select on the base of Naskh Unicode.
  • It is compatible with all pc versions like window 7, windows 8, and window ten, etc. Moreover, it has a unique functionality that is compatible with individual formats like PDF and RTF.
  • Users can save their documents as HTML files that you can open in a web browser.
  • Another unique element is that it is compatible with OS and Mc systems.
  • Users can also set images of high quality with the features of importing. Meaning now, through this software, importing images is possible. Also, it supports the export and import of images in the CMYK.
  • Through it, users can also check their spelling mistakes with the support of the spell checker tool. It is a valuable component for many users.
  • It contains a variety of themes options, especially for poetry writing.
  • You can enjoy the addition of photos and images in this more accessible application.
  • It has a user-friendly interface with lots of options.

How to inpage free download

So friends, now you know how to get an inpage free download of Softonic. Before we go through the downloading steps, it should be essential to look first at the system requirements for downloading the page.

System Requirement

  • Window XP/Vista/Window7/window/8/window10
  • Free space of more than 300MB for HDD.
  • RAM 1GB.

Now we move to the procedure of installation on pc. This software has the capability with almost all versions of windows. There are given steps of downloading inpage for window 7, window eight, and window 10. After knowing them, one can quickly get inpage on their pc.

  1. Firstly right click on the given link for downloading inpage for windows 7,8 and 10.
  2. After downloading, double click on Setup File.
  3. Then you shall view the Run option click on it.
  4. After this, a welcome screen appears on the computer, and then you need to press on Next.
  5. Then the License agreement screen explores after accepting all terms and conditions; press on the Next option.
  6. In this step, you should need to give company and user information. After putting information, click on Next.
  7. Now you can view the folder for installation. To install at the default location, click on the Next option.
  8. Then the context menu appears, where you can get a shortcut way. Otherwise, click on Next.
  9. Finally, the installation page appears for windows 7, windows 8, and 10. Now you should need to click on next, and the installation process is completed.


Is it possible to convert the inpage file into a pdf?

Yes, through this advanced software, you can convert your inpage file into a pdf easily. The process of changing files is based on specific simple steps that you can complete free.

What is the meaning of inpage?

Inpage is the word processor software through which you can type multi-languages for creating your documents on your PC. Firstly it was introduced in 1994. The different languages you can order through are Urdu, English, Arabic, Persian, etc.

What are the latest components of this software?

It has a user-friendly interface with attractive functions. It contains various themes for the poetry, adds photos, images, and spells checker tool, is compatible with all versions, and contains an element of multi-language.

Wrap up!

The latest developments in software create various comforts for users. The same is true in the case of inpage download for pc window 7, which brings countless functions with a simple configuration. It is compatible with all pc versions and is also available on mobile devices with a simple procedure.