Insider Tips to choose Doors for your Factory

When it comes to setting up a factory or any manufacturing unit, business owners in Australia need to take care of loads of licensing issues. There are permits that need to be in order, on site specifics to be sealed and so much more. However, few structural basics to setting up a unit often slide into the corner. The choice of the right plastic strip door curtain as well as heavy-duty plastic swing doors enhances energy efficiency. It also adds up to huge savings on total operational costs.

The most important point that you must consider is that it might get costly for a factory when the right door of the roller shutter grade (or relevant type) is not installed. The areas of operations that might suffer stand related to risk management, compliance, security and overall performance. Therefore, choosing a relevant door is a priority you must not ignore. Read up the top tips that can help you seal the deal here.

Safety of Access

When selecting a door for your factory, ensure that you check out if it offers safe access. There must be ample room around for movement too. Vehicle and manual movements both need to be borne in mind. Factories are high traffic areas after all. The gap between ceiling and frame of the door must be such that loading vehicles are free to enter or leave. The workers around too must not feel any hindrance due to the placement of the door.

Invest in Heavy Duty Material

There are various grades of roller shutter factory doors available, rummage through the various brands and research well into the grades or types of door on offer. Check locally on what brands or types of doors go best with the industry you work in. There are specific operational and performance based guidelines you need to follow. Make sure you are aware of the required options for ventilation and vision across the factory doors.

Check up on Compliances

Not just the quality or the fitment, the doors also need to pass through the compliance requisites for-

  • Hazardous material management
  • Fire safety
  • Operational safety

The latest doors for industrial plants come laced with high-end safety mechanisms as well as latest safety specs. Therefore, be prepared to shell out good amounts for the purchase. Make sure you do not compromise on the quality just for money sake. After all, the right door secures your premises against damages and even vandalism.  Break-ins and attempted theft are preventable with the right door on guard.

Installation Concerns

As a factory unit owner or manager, you need to ensure that the access point locations do not face issues with the installation of new doors. Consult an industrial specialist for doors to get the right idea. In fact, before making the purchase, do some consultation and then make your mind up.


  • Industrial doors need maintenance and proper servicing from time to time. You will need to talk out with the door supplier/manufacturer if such add-ons are available with them. 
  • Understand the type of maintenance needs of the industrial door you buy.
  • Once in place, timely checks and guided care will ensure that these doors last you a very long time.
  • There are a wide array of styles and makes to select from. Competent sellers across Australia offer discounts and good deals on industrial doors round the year too. Do some checking around and then finalize the purchase. 

Understand the type of requirement for your unit as well. The local sellers can guide you best when in doubt about the right door selection for a factory.

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