Instagram Features that Will Work Best to Drive Leads

Instagram has evolved as a platform that creates and nurtures social media leads. Nearly two-thirds of the Instagram accounts in the world follow a business venture. Famouspanel offers promotional content by utilizing Instagram effects and enhances online marketing. Instagram offers incredible features that help in the conversion of followers to leads.

Swipe-up Feature

Instagram allows users to include links in every story they post at the top of the bio and landing page. Users with more followers realized the benefit of having significant links to their stories. Businesses provide thirty percent of the favorably viewed Instagram Stories, and customers can swipe and reach the landing page. Due to the simplicity of embedding links and the possibility of adding many stories as the user wishes, Instagram stories are more impactful than bio links.

The user needs to either swipe right or press “+” at the top left corner of their account to upload their desired content. Once the user uploads the content, they can click on a chain icon to include a link of their choice. If the user’s story reaches numerous viewers and is sustained online for a significant period, the user can have them in the “Highlights” section. Therefore the people who missed viewing the important story can watch it later at their preferred time.   

Countdown Stickers and Slider Stickers

The countdown sticker on Instagram is an incredible tool for building excitement around an upcoming event or product launch. For instance, Vintage kids use a countdown sticker several times to create awareness and excitement for an arriving launch. The brands can encourage followers to click and set a reminder when the countdown makes the sticker more effective.

One of the efficient ways to drive leads in Instagram is by offering a personalized experience to the customers. Brands can create a tailored experience using a combination of Instagram Stories stickers to reach hundreds and thousands of followers. It is a creative solution enabling viewers to feel a bonding towards the product, and they are likely to swipe-up and make a purchase,

Instagram Action Buttons

Instagram effectively perceives the needs of the businesses and directly connects them to their audience. Business profiles can have up to three action buttons such as Text, Call, Email, or Directions.  

  • The email button is sufficient for immediate conversations. By clicking the button, the email application opens for the user and can directly send mails. This feature is significant for brands to have direct communications and to close a deal.
  • Many businesses allow customers to text a specific phrase to the mentioned number to either participate in a contest or get the link for download. In doing this, brands gather the contact numbers of each customer and use them for remarketing purposes.
  • Brands can choose from additional action buttons that link to third-party tools. The integrated action buttons in Instagram supports immediate actions like booking a reservation, buying tickets, and much more. If the user submits their contact details as a part of the transaction within third-party tools, it turns out to be a lead generating process along with the rapid transaction.

In-Built Shopping Features

Businesses can directly tag products in their feed and stories with Instagram shopping. The built-in shopping features in Instagram are effective ways to make the account immediately shoppable, thereby gathering more leads to the business. The customers will be able to either “Visit on Website” or “Checkout on Instagram” depending on their location. With the checkout option on Instagram, the followers can buy without having to leave the app. Brands can add a product sticker to their posts and create captivating Instagram stories.

Broadcast on IGTV

IGTV is a video application introduced by Instagram for smartphone users. The video descriptions in IGTV can be lengthier and clickable links can be added irrespective of the audience size. Businesses can include a link to a PDF download that provides additional information on the topic explained in the video. Even they can embed a link to the opt-in page that offers more information with the relevant training video over the topic covered in the IGTV video. For enhanced results through video descriptions in IGTV, businesses need to mention that they will provide users with additional information by clicking on the video description link.

Link Optimization and Appealing Landing Page

The business accounts on Instagram must completely utilize the space allocated for several official links in the bio. The brands need to use this space effectively, including products up for sale, subscriptions, or informed surveys.

Once the prospective customer clicks on the provided links, they will arrive at the landing page. Therefore the brands need to ensure that their landing page can be scanned and also it offers an appealing visual experience.