Interventional Radiology Disease Diagnoses & Treatment Procedures

Are you tired of expensive, time-taking, and painful cardiovascular surgical procedures? Well, Mesa, AZ interventional radiologists headed by Kirk Minkus, MD is a relief sent to you! Dr. Kirk Minkus is a specialist in interventional radiology with profound experience in offering minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures like peripheral arterial disease. Dr. Kirk together with his certified-board of interventional cardiologists, internists, and radiologists offers holistic services to the patients in their Mesa, AZ facilities. To receive these reviving services from this amazing team, contact the office or plan an appointment through the online tool for further information and consultations today.

Interventional Radiology

This is the use of imaging in guiding medical practitioners to diagnose and treat; these modalities are CT, ultrasound, MRI, and fluoroscopy.

Why You Need to Choose Interventional Radiology

As an alternative to patients who would require open surgery in a traditional approach, interventional radiology aids in its stead. Saving time in recovering, is less costly, and reduces the risk of guesswork operations. The operation is fitted on the screen through the imaging and every step is monitored closely through a fluoroscope and special x-ray cameras, unlike open surgery. Interventional radiology is now the basis of effective disease treatment for varied conditions.

Examples of Interventional Radiology Include:

  • Stenting treats arteries that are weak and narrow by the use of small mesh tubes.
  • Angioplasty repairing blocked blood vessels.
  • Radiofrequency ablation reduces pain in the nerves.
  • Thrombolysis dissolves clotting in the nerves.                   
  • Embolization helps to prevent blood flow to cancer cells.
  • Biopsies of tissue studies.

Experiencing pain in the leg when you walk and disappearing upon rest could be symptoms of peripheral arterial disease. Hypertension is one of the predicator risk factors for peripheral vascular disease acquired over time.

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

This condition comes as a result of accumulated cholesterol build-up on the walls of the arteries that emerges over time. This accumulation cannot be easily noticed in the early stages. However, its first symptoms are seen in the feet and legs as a result of blocking the flow of blood vessels due to narrowing, hardening, and enlargement of the plague.

Symptoms of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Symptoms are hardly seen until there is extreme artery narrowing due to the plague accumulation, these include:

  • Cramping of muscles in the night or daytime.
  • Skin discoloration or reddening on the feet.
  • Loss of muscles or weakening of the affected legs.
  • Tingling sensation on the toes or legs, and numbness.
  • Ulcers and sores that do not heal easily.

PAD Risk Factors Are

Coronary stent, smoking, early heart attack or stroke, atherosclerosis family background, high cholesterol, diabetes, increased blood pressure, kidney disease, and being obese or overweight.


The pain felt when walking is referred to as intermittent claudication. It’s caused by inadequate oxygen due to the restricted flow of blood. Restricted blood flow can result in adverse consequences like critical limb ischemia that would cause amputation of the limb. To find a proper remedy for PAD treatment, schedule an appointment with Kirk Minkus, MD.

In conclusion, upon observing the above symptoms, reach out to Dr. Kirk and his team who will provide the best medical service by using interventional radiology techniques to remove the blockage. He uses a balloon in balloon angioplasty that is guided to the affected area. The balloon is inflated, thus pushing the plaque against the artery walls opening the artery, hence recovering blood flow to the required level. Also, plaque is prevented from reoccurring through stent implantation. In hard cases, laser atherectomy is used to vaporize the plaque or a shaving tool to clear away plaque on directional atherectomy. To receive these effective services contact the office or book an appointment through the online tool today!