Is Audible For Me? The best way to enjoy audiobooks

Now if you actually use these audible credits and actually do purchase audiobooks from Audible with them, it does save you a bit of money as compared to just buying an audio version of the book. So to test this theory I purchased a novel called “You are not alone” by authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen whose audio version costs around $33 whereas I could purchase that same version with my one audible credit for just $14.95 thus saving me more than fifty percent of my money.

Well if you’re still unsure about whether you want to pay for an Amazon Audible membership, not to worry! Because you can still subscribe to this service for a free 30-day trial and still get one audiobook for free. Also, the user interface makes it pretty easy to cancel the membership even if you don’t like it or if you would like to take a “pause” on your membership which basically means, canceling an account often only to reactivate it later on.

And the best thing about this is that your audiobook library on Audible would still remain unaffected even if you cancel the subscription or you put your subscription on pause. You can still listen to all the books which get stored in your library forever when you purchase credit with the same quality experience as before.

Another unique feature of this service is a technology called “Whispersync for Voice” which requires you to have a Kindle subscription as well along with Audible.

So let’s say if I use Audible to listen to a book when I am out in the park and later in the day or at night when I pick up my Kindle Fire it automatically finds my place in the book from where I left off in the morning while at the park and I can continue reading from there and the same cycle repeats the next morning.

Now, this is a very clever technology but it has a few drawbacks. First of all, the book needs to be available both on Kindle and Audible. Secondly, the subscriber needs to purchase both versions to use Whisper sync(Audible and Kindle) and the last being that the Amazon and Audible accounts need to be of the same region(UK account won’t work in the US).

Now for me, using Audible has been a wonderful experience not just with the flexibility in membership prices but also because it blends into my lifestyle perfectly which does involve me on the go during the major part of my day. If you’re a working individual with a busy professional life and a habit of reading books then Audible is just the product for you. Detailed review of Audible at IMHO Reviews website.

The best way of listening to audiobooks
Most of the audiobook listeners including myself make the best use of the ultimate service provided by audiobooks, being the portable and hands-free experience it offers.

The majority of the listeners hear the books when they are let’s say on their way to work where they can just connect the audiobook device to their car’s Bluetooth and listen to the book while being on the road.

The ability to connect this service to Bluetooth also proves to be extremely safe as the listener is not dependent on earphones or headphones which could cause danger while driving.

The only other way to listen to audiobooks while not on the go is on the smartphone. All audiobook services are compatible with smartphones. You can listen to them when inside your home while working in the office or even when just taking a walk in the park!