Julian Kuschner: Launching soon the book we are all waiting for

Julian Kuschner: Investor, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker

Julian Kuschner is a 28-year-old Investor, Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker. He is teaching people around the world how to become limitless, and helping them develop new skills. He gives them the tools and knowledge needed to become entrepreneurs themselves. Kuschner himself has received mentorship and has learned from well-known icons such as Mike Tyson, P Diddy, and Richard Branson, among others.

With all the knowledge he gained through his own journey, he has been traveling from country to country, helping hundreds and thousands of people to develop a wide variety of skills, such as real estate skills, public speaking, social media, sales or marketing, among many others. He has taught people how to overcome their fear of public speaking, shared his tips to avoid mistakes in real estate, and encouraged people to start their own business. More recently, he started sharing his knowledge on how to achieve financial increase and prosperity. He has already helped and impacted hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Kuschner does not only speak at events. He is writing a book about his own success story, taking us throughout his journey from the very beginning. He has his own Podcast ​Become Limitless where he shares success stories, experiences, and ideas to help anyone interested in creating their own business.

The young Investor and Entrepreneur has started a few companies, invested in some others, and is currently actively looking for an investment in real estate. Kuschner is a partner in a company where he guides customers to financial solutions. Julian is also one of the youngest real estate investors in South Florida and has built and co-founded a CBD company, ​Reliefly.​Kuschner keeps proving to us again and again, why he is the best in this business.

Kuschner is launching his book soon, in which he aims to keep helping people develop new skills and improve themselves so they can achieve their goals. Thanks to his book, he will be able to reach even further around the globe to share his knowledge and success story. Due to the global situation, he had to put on hold his Public Speaker career but will be soon returning to continue to travel around the world, sharing his tips and knowledge.

Kuschner’s success story

Kuschner certainly has found his passion, which was not simple. Upon asking why he chose his career, he confessed he found himself in a situation where he did not really have a choice:

“I honestly did not choose my career by choice! I was actually kicked out of college and then fired from my job at a call center within the same year. This situation happening as it did, forced me to level up and start my own business. I wanted to work for myself!”

It wasn’t an easy journey, but he succeeded in making the most of it, creating his own career path and business. Despite there being up and downs throughout his life, he managed to overcome them, and he is still continuing to improve himself and his business. That is what his message is about: agility, versatility, and consistency. One has to adapt to the fast-changing world we live in, learn new skills, and work hard every day. There are no limits or boundaries, but the ones we put ourselves. And his message is not only business-related, but we can also change our lives too to become who we want to be.

Certainly, his situation may not be new to some readers. We all go through difficult times in life, but we must keep going forward. We can even switch careers or change paths in order to find our passion. Sometimes, even in such bad times, we can find a silver lighting that will help us grow on a professional and personal level.

However, not everyone has the right mindset to follow their dreams. Whether you want to create your own business or improve as a professional in a specific industry, one needs to work hard and not let any obstacle stop their progress.

To help those who might find themselves struggling to keep working on their passion, Kuschner has shared with us a few tips for success:

Be willing to work hard. Nothing in life is easy, but we have to work hard for those things we want. Set goals, make a plan, and work hard to get there.

Try to find your breaking point in business and life. Ask yourself, what situations or circumstances will push you to your limits?

Develop yourself and improve daily! Learn new skills that will help you achieve your goals. We need to learn new skills and practice them in order to improve yourselves.

Focus on your law of association.​Think, who are you around? Your contacts may be a key factor when trying to achieve a goal, and they can help you get there.

Fail, fail, and fail! Failing is scary, and many people want to avoid it. But truth is, we shouldn’t be afraid to fail but instead learn from our mistakes. We can also take a look around and learn from other people’s mistakes.

Success is not an easy journey, but it definitely is a rewarding one. To know more about him and his story, you can visit his website at https://juliankuschner.com